Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 13 & 14

Oooh, a double whammy. But good things come in pairs, right?
Following this show through its first half now, nothing shocks me anymore. And I'm beginning to get the writer's style for SG: Two of everything. Two OTPs, two swaps, two kisses, two hospital scenes, two book scenes, two...what else? Oh yeah, two outdoor scenes. Only this time its mountain climbing.

FINAL version 24/12/2010 (seriously, I mean it this time)
Oh wow. I just had a Korean grammar lesson in Baidu (suffix and stuff). A language pro noticed all the chaos and havoc created by the discrepancies, and came to our rescue. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Spoiler In Words for Episode 13:
On the way down from the mountain peak, Jong Soo and Ra Im finds Joo Won shivering from the cold. Joo Won has twisted his ankle, and with the help of Jong Soo and Ra Im, the three of them begin to descend the mountain.

Rather than Ra Im lending her shoulder for him, it's more accurate to say that he was clinging to her. But because Joo Won says it hurts, she holds it in. Joo Won makes use of this position and slyly turns his face to rest against Ra Im's.

Ra Im couldn't stand it any longer, and yells, "Do you not wish to live anymore?!"

Spoiler In Words for Episode 14:
Dress up to the nines like a movie heroine, the gorgeous Ra Im shows up with Oska at the party. Joo Won's stare was so cold it bore right through her. Ra Im also starred at him the same way...(Electric Moment, I call it)

She said, "Although I know meeting you would be painful, compared to the pain of not being able to meet you, the pain from meeting you is more bearable." (OMG!! @!&*%#*^@!) Then she tells him, "I'm here to see you." She then tells him that she won't become his Mermaid Princess (Yes!! stick to him like UHU glue, RI!).

Chloe Says: 
"Although I know meeting you would be painful, compared to the pain of not being able to meet you, the pain from meeting you is more bearable"
The pro translator has discussed about the ambiguity of this statement. And he/she has CONFIRMED: It's is spoken out loud. 
By Ra Im (before this one version said that it was Joo Won). 
Happy holidays dear Gardeners (^__^)/

Credits: dc and Baidu (Chi trans)


  1. And here I am...again. If I'm stalking your blog would that count as stalking you? Wait- no. Don't answer that. Came to get my SG fix and voila...another spoiler. Or two! Heh. You are not helping me here ;) There's no way I hate, hate, hate your blog. Love, love, love it. More bickering, more staring? Sigh. I'll just take comfort in the fact that I get to see my fav Ha Ji Won dress to the nines. Thanx!

  2. Hello again! I'll answer that- of course blog stalkers and people stalkers are not the same! For one, people stalkers are badddd x(

    Blog stalkers, on the other hand, is one trait ALL drama addicts have. We have all done it one time or another (I vaguely remember stalking dramabeans for YAB recaps):D

  3. actually chloe, your translation makes much more sense than joonni's ^^; no offense to her.

    i mean, since when has RI said something so romantic, most especially to JW? it would totally be out of character. unless they've switched again and that's actually JW in RI's body :p

  4. Noooo Anonymous, don't try to burst my bubble=((

    I'm actually dreading for switcheroo No.2, I hope it won't last more than an episode. Ra Him is NOT my favorite person, to say the least. Joo Wanda, on the other hand...=))

  5. thank you for keep us posted ... if you see on your statistic that someone from australia keep coming back every now and then, its me!

  6. agree , ur translation chloe is more acceptable becoz I know RI can be so hurtful this way ( I'm starting to get angry at her really ) I think I'm not gonna love that scene and I wish , if ur translation is the right one, JW stops stalking her and go back to his normal life I'm sure she will suffer not seeing him always around her ( ok he will miss her too ) .
    I'm angry at RI right now for hurting my JW x(

  7. @Anonymous #1 and #2: Indeed. Perhaps my 1st version would be more logical IF she had said them out loud.

    But Joonni's one is highly likely IF those were words in heart (i.e. she didn't say them out loud). See my thoughts above^

    Ahh many IFs going around~x(

    @sLeeping_beauty: Wow that is the sweetest msg on this blog, ever! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement:-*