Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ha Ji Won's Next Project: Sports Kmovie "Korea"

Anyone heard of "Forever The Moment" a.k.a "The Best Moments Of Our Lives"? Well, that one featured handball and this one is the ping pong version, titled "Korea" (tentative title). 

You know me, I'm not the type who'll go to the cinema and say, "Gee, let's go watch a sports movie." But hey, I know they can be quite addictive once you get into the story, plus: It's HA JI WON we're talking about here. I worship the ground she walks on. And being the hardworking actress that she is, she'll be launching straight into Korea's filming after SG ends. All work and no play for this lady (except play ping pong).
2008's "Forever The Moment"

A Tower Picture film production, Korea is based on a true story of a North and South Korea woman's ping pong team which competed in the 1991 World Table Tennis Grand Prix held in Chiba, Japan. The script was written after some doing some research at the original stadium and conducting some interviews. 

Ha Ji Won's 2009 kmovie Haeundae was one of the few kmovies that managed to break the box office record of passing the 10 million viewer mark; and after her stint in her latest movie Sector 7 (a.k.a. Mining Area 7) she went back into the small screen for her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden

At this moment, Ha Ji Won is still busy filming for SG and have not had the time to practice ping pong yet. For her past roles, she has picked up fencing, dance and piano before. This is also one of the reason why Ha Ji Won is frequently favored among the directors. 

It is hoping that this film will also defuse some tension between the North-South Korea relations. 

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  1. The mention of Secret Garden ending makes me sadddddd, i suck at letting go a good drama! I still rewatch You're Beautiful scenes (which is the last drama i love as much as SG).

    On a side-note, I totally feel like a stalker checking this blog once a day...i am as violating as "The RAPIST Joo-Won"? (Yes, thats meant to be a poking fun of the "extremists")

  2. hahahaha,then I am guilty as charge!!!!!

  3. @ilikehim: Nah, unless you push me onto the bed? (this convo is getting weird):))

  4. Both Kim Sun Ah and Ha Ji Won doing sports-themed movies - maybe it's the Dr Champ effect :-)

    I wonder how they're going to make the ping pong scenes exciting though, it's too much of a recreational thing I do on holiday to take it entirely seriously as a sport.

  5. Have you seen the pros play? It's damn fast I tell you! I'm guessing they will do the "slow-mo" routine;))