Friday, December 17, 2010

Short Notice IV

Short but sweet. The two of them goes dating art gallery. I kid you not. HOWEVER it could be Joo Won's imaginary Ra Im making an appearance (I SHALL die if so). 

Venue: Heyri Art Valley, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  Time: 2.00-5.00 pm
  Date: Yesterday (16/12/2010)

Please note that there's no evidence on this piece of information except for (Korean) words. I knew this since yesterday and deliberated a long time on whether or not to tell you guys and risk falsely raising your hopes up. But dang it, if I'm going down I'm pulling you guys with me. BWAHAHAHA.

On a positive note, there was a post yesterday about it and someone else posted again (but with more information) today. Even so, if it all turns out to be inaccurate, I have nothing to say except for a raise of hand to acknowledge and "Sorry!" (Joo Won style)

Via dc and Baidu (chinese translation) and daum


  1. morning aabass! How's your SG addiction today? Feeling better knowing tomorrow's THE day? ;))

  2. still evening here, sadly and my SG addiction has not waned one inch...
    and to top it of, I won't be home this weekend.. curse!
    so basically this is going to be one big fat OMGOMGOMG howamIgoingtosurvivewithoutSG!!!!! weekend.
    I am scrapping any barrel so to speak for anything SG related before I reaaaallllly have to go tomorow... T_T

  3. If it's true... will he be able to read RI the way he did Seul? I for one will take any crumb you throw out.... heehee, this addiction is so bad.

  4. wow they are really upping the ante in promoting paju...