Friday, December 17, 2010

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 7 + Preview Video

Omo! Omo omo omo...whaaat? It's a small world after all. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that the two second leads actually know each other, much less have a relationship!
And after the divorce An Zhen ends up with Tian Wei. I call that poetic justice.

~Tip Seven: A Piece of Paper Can Protect My Marriage?~
Wei En who couldn't contact Rui Fan, ends up in the Hot Spring Resort and meets Tian Wei! 
The two stood there in shock, Wei En is deliberating on how to face this person who has hurt her the most. 
At night, Rui Fan hugs An Zhen, but his mind is full with thoughts of  Wei En. Rui Fan is in sorrow, facing his current self, he can't help but feel guilty towards An Zhen...

Ai Ling helps Rui Fan at work, and arranges for them to go to a business trip together. Although An Zhen has said that she believes in him, her heart is not at ease. Ditto for Wei En (Rui Fan is sure a hit with the ladies).

During the business trip, both of them had to entertain the client. Rui Fan couldn't bear to let Ai Ling get drunk, and offered to drink it in her stead. Over that thoughtful gesture, Ai Ling is reminded of the sweet memories they had together.

The blood-boiling preview for Episode 7:

Via SETTV's The Fierce Wife Official Website