Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ha Ji Won's A Thrifty Gal?

I just love the folks at Baidu. Not only are they talented and eloquent, they are very dedicated when it comes to their favorite starsLook, they dug out her old photos of what she wore and it looks like she's still wearing 'em now (some even dating back to four years ago). All the more reason to love her, eh?

Item: Sneaker wedges she wore during Episode 10's The Hug 

(I know I've blogged about it several times already and it sounds like I'm promoting them, but I assure you it's a coincidence).
Blast from the past: Her shoes she worn for a film premier last year (2009).

Item: Fur trim jacket (side note: Ra Im won't say slimy stuff like what Joo Won wants her too, but she's sporting the Smurf tee for him. tee hee.)

Blast from the past: Worn while shooting for Hwang Jini. This brings back memories, Ha Ji Won as Hwang Jini rocks my socks. Way better than the film version starring *cough* Binnie's better half *cough*


  1. i love the shoes and have been questioning how i can buy shoes like that...hmmmmm

  2. as for the shoes which are on shown in drama, is the clothing and foot wear not provided by the production team?
    what is next? actors having to fund the drama's themselves? :-O

  3. I've seen the shoes in a shop...and I've even tried them, because of SG !!
    I like ther style.....but I didn't buy them lool

  4. i got that shoes !! definitely impulse buying but love it so much since is very comfortable and feel like I can run everywhere to find my own joo won hehehehhe