Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SG Paparazzo: Location Spoilers

Source: Twitter
Time: Shot yesterday night (13/12/2010)
Venue: Ra Im's house entrance

Because the pic is blurry, it can't be seen who's starring opposite Ha Ji Won. At first it was said it's her father, than someone posted that her father is already dead, but the poster thinks it's a middle age/ old man. 

I dunno about you, but I don't see no uncle:


  1. thanks , she looks cute with the skirt , it's the first time I see RI with a skirt ( the real RI not JW's imaginary RI ) was Binnie shooting with her that scene too or not ?
    maybe the old guy is that director park :-/

  2. Maybe it could even be Joo Won himself. But according to the poster, it was an ajusshi. Who knows? Perhaps the speculator saw a crew person or somethin'

    Now that I've taken a second look, is that even Ra Im? Her hair is kinda different...