Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Possibility of Oska & Tae Ssun

Not sure where the poster's source is from, but this is the piece of info I got:
At SBS Secret Garden's on-site press forum held in Gyeonggi-do yesterday (8/12/2010), actor Yoon Sang Hyun talked about the possibility of the changes made to his character. 

Yoon Sang Hyun said, "Ms. Writer told me that she's considering to design Oska's and Tae Ssun's love affair...Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but I'm scared as I have not done any preparation for this."
He said of Oska's character: "I have always been puzzled by the depiction of singers in dramas as perfect people. That's why I like Oska's honest character. I was very satisfied with the script the first time I laid eyes on it."

Chloe Says: On-site press conference is like its namesake, the conference is held at the filming location itself, and the press is shown to the various locations where they shoot the drama 
(which means: Oh my gawd they get to visit Joo Won's house!).
As for Oska and Tae Ssun pairing, I would be supporting them if not for the fact that I'm in love with the beta couple! Oska seems to be the last bit of humanity left in Seul, and I wished they could have a happy ending, or at least a reconciliation. 
Actor Lee Jong Suk who plays Tae Ssun has also mentioned in a recent interview that he thinks TS will be moving in with Oska. But I think he meant it half jokingly --I'm sure he's wishing for more screen time, lol.

On the other hand, if Oska is paired up with TS, then Seul+Jong Soo, plus OTP equals a happy ending for everybody! Yay?


  1. cant imagine JS & Seul. she'd be talking in bad English and he'd be staring at her the whole time, thinking, wtf did i get myself into? something like that lol

  2. me not liking x( , wanna see oska with Seul only , they love each other so they deserve a second chance ;) .
    as for Joong soo from the charactere discription on soompi page one I think he is gonna pair wit Joo Win's sis Hee-Won :D .
    any spoilers about our main OTP ;;)

  3. LOL I wished the writer will stop giving her english lines. Her expressions are perfect, but her engrish really ruins everything. Come to think of it, that was why I never got to finish Love In Harvard :-/

  4. @Anonymous #2: Oh yeah I forgot about Hee Won, lol.

    Mmm...for now no spoilers, but during this conference Hyun Bin said:

    -during episode 6-8 soul swapping scenes, it was tough and there were many NGs. Compared to that, the kissing scene with Oska was much easier 'cause there wasn't a need to invest deep feelings into it.

    -he thinks Ha Ji Won nailed the smirking Joo Won part.

    -The return of soul in Ep 9 was much easier after that.

  5. awww, me no likey. but it's just because it would seem like there's no continuation from the previous eps.
    I mean, it's pretty much laid out from the very first episode that Oska is a hetman. I'd find it very strange if he decided to start batting for the other team because of this guy. he freaked out just because JW accidentally kissed him!
    however, I don't mind TS chasing after Oska, because I think we'll get a lot of hilarious response from Oska. and I love Oska so much I don't mind him gracing the screen more.

  6. I think Oska freaked out more because it was his cousin kissing him and reacting like he enjoyed it. hehehe

    As for Jong-soo, I also think he's going to have an admirer in Joo-won's sister, Hee-won since it said something about it in the character descriptions. It's going to be cute. ^^

    Although her English is bad, I think that's how Seul is supposed to be (or at least since Kim Sa-Rang can't so Seul couldn't) and it's supposed to show how bad she is at speaking English despite her higher social standing, especialy since she was shown how it's done by Jong-soo previously.

  7. Oh~ now I'm torned : Kim Sarang manage to give real glimpse of depth with Seul's character from time to time and I'm intrigued (even if the reason of her break up with Oska sounds a little Meh~)... On the other hand I'm ALL for an Oska-TaeSsun coupling lol

    Anyway, I'm smitten by Oska's character so I will go with the flow ~

  8. @choufy:
    We are totally on the same page!:D It wasn't a love at first sight, but now I'm totally smitten by Yoon Sang Hyun's character, he's really a simple guy who isn't afraid of speaking out his thoughts.

    Lee Jung Suk must be very happy with this character development, lol.

  9. @chloeplus :
    It's the first time that I see YSH acting and it's a blast... Even if I had a major prejudice against Oska's character because of his JGS style lol