Friday, December 24, 2010

SG Christmas Party Stills + MVs

Stills highly likely from the party at Episode 14:

Blimey if they quote another fairytale to me. Anyone thinking about The Little Match Girl

The poor girl who stood outside the window...damn, it fits perfectly.

But let's not wallow in sorrow, since it's the festive season. Below is an english subbed MV of "That Man" by Baek Ji Young, a song Binnie's singing for Part IV of the OST.

End this with a happier song, "Sunflower":

Via Baidu's Secret Garden (stills)


  1. Thanks so much! I seriously can't wait any longer! Thanks for all the spoilers!

  2. You're welcome puion<3

    It's airing less than 12 hours...we shall be on standby together, fellow Gardener:D

  3. sometimes i wonder how u got the time to keep browsing, translating, then posting the updates to your blog!!!! arent u studying, working, or dating on this xmas eve?

    tell u what, i am stalking this blog more often than dramabeans now hahahaha ... thank u for feeding my SG addiction!

    Merry xmas from down under.

  4. I read that in episode 14..the soul switch happens again ... it's raining... one of them or both are in a car when the soul swapping happened ...

  5. I think the JWmom obviously did something again to stop JW and RI from seeing each other...

  6. @sleeping_beauty:

    Answer: holidays, student, single, and we (my family) don't celebrate Christmas. But the most important reason: really nutsy over SG right now :D Merry Xmas to you and ur family too :X

    Anonymous #1: Noooo. Where did you read that? I hate swaps!!! And to think I was so excited over 14's Xmas party =((

    Anonymous #2:More than the mom, I think BOTH of them are creating obstacles for each other. Sometimes I wonder: What will Joo Won say if Ra Im answered, "You like me? Fine. I'll date you if I don't have to become your Little Mermaid.

    ????? That would save us a few episodes worth of angst ;)

  7. Still no happiness in sight for our couple huh? Ha Ji Won doesn't need lines to convey her emotions. Her eyes say it all don't they? Damn she's good. Wonder what's the reason this time. Did our JW say something nasty again? Or is it the mom?

  8. chole , shirley on soompi posted that the second switch will happen in christmas :)

  9. @Anonymous #3: How could I've missed her post?! :-o Thanks for telling me.

  10. Okay, I almost screamed out loud when I saw my FMV on here! That is so cool that you posted it!! My hubby helped out with the translation and I made it sound a little more American with the word choices.

    Ahhhhhh! Can you tell that I am smiling ear to ear? I am a happy camper now :)

  11. wow, that's AWE-some!! Great job *applause* :X