Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dream High Press Conference, Plus: A Cute Teaser

Dream High...the only upcoming kdrama I hadn't talked about yet. Can't say I'm anticipating for it, I am by default attracted to rom coms. But (there's ALWAYS an exception when it comes to kdramas), there's that WISFC dude I've been waiting for, plus I'm partial to Taecyeon ever since he told us who is favorite noona was (aren't I easy to please?).
The conference looked like a mini-concert in itself, since many of the actors are kpop singers. Very happening affair.

Loads of press:

Tons of rice to be donated (Yon-sama power):

I guess both of them are legends in the k-entertainment industry.

The ladies of the show:
Haven't seen Yoon Young Ah circa Coffee Prince. 

Miss A's performance (up until now I thought Miss A was a person, but no, it's a kpop group-_-"):

I'm guessing these are Taecyeon band mates (2PM)? 
 I only recognize Nickhun and the reddish hair guy (what?! I'm making an effort here.)

Every time I see Kim Soo Hyun I feel like doing a WISFC marathon. 

Wooyoung and IU

Looks like T-ara's Eun Jung hurt herself pretty bad:

Taecyeon dresses so well. Unlike my some young kstars I know..

Uhm Ki Joon! Loved him in The Worlds That They Lived In.

Suzy and the child actress who will play her sister in DH.

A super cute trailer narrated by the little girl above:

Narration (rough translation): Everyone, you might not know this, but there's a strange school called Kirin, but it's not a giraffe (Kirin=giraffe). Bae Yong Joon is the headmaster. He might get very angry and breathes fire from his mouth. He found the school with some freak teachers with big will. They teach singing and dancing instead of the normal curriculum. 

Inviting you guys to a star-training school, the Kirin Arts School on January 3rd 2010. 

Via Baidu and credits to SuperGina1990@youtube for the translations


  1. Wooyoung is my LOVEEEE !
    (I secretly hope he ends up with no one, but i think eh will end up with IU)
    I think Taec did decent enough in CS, so i hope Wooyoung can at least do THAT much..better yet, surpass it!

  2. Aish, you got the cute one. I'll take TC then, hehe ;))

    I agree with you, his performance as the single-minded saturi speaking Han Jung Woo was surprisingly better than what I would've thought.

    Even Eun Jung held her own in CH. That proves idols can sing and act just as well (if not better). I wonder if TVXQ's Changmin will do well in Paradise Ranch, hmm...

  3. I love both dudes but I don't know any of the girls!! O.O
    the one in white looks kinda like Rainie Yang ..may be just the bangs.