Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Garden's Blatant Product Advertisment Annoys Audiences

Oh really. Were you annoyed? I thought most of us were squealing in glee during the Smurf App moment. The article listed the following product placements, but I think most of them were well used and goes with the flow of the drama. 

See whether you can spot 'em all:
#1: Smurf App -Binnie voices aloud what he wants to hear from Ra Im. Smurf or no smurf, there's no way I'd miss the scene.

#2: Driving Seat Simulator -Perhaps a little irrelevant to the plot, but it DID reinforce the audience's impression on the petty sibling rivalry between Joo Won and Oska; their "You buy boat, I buy Titanic" relationship.

#3: Health Drink -At least they were subtle with this one. From the beginning of the show it was already featured, the scene where Secretary Kim chases after Joo Won with that bottle of drink in his hand. As long as Joo Won doesn't exclaim out of the blue that he likes drinking Yakult, I won't call foul.

#6: Oska's Fanmeeting -It's not that obvious, but you can see the logo mont-bell being featured in the fan meet. But don't REAL fan meetings have them as well?

#5: Seul's Shampoo -Again, it was used to remind us of Seul's personality that uses (and wants) nothing but the best. So no complaints here.

#6: Binnies's books: It's interesting to note that all of these are by the same publisher.



  1. Strangely, they didn't bother me much. The only thing that kept my attention away was the shirts the hairdressers were wearing. It's written Secret-, but couldn't figure it out.

  2. I've noticed a few in this drama and quite a few in other dramas (ie Fugitive -- that annoyed me). I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't seem like they were out there to advertise products for the sake of advertising that it becomes out of sync with the story.

  3. it's ok with me, no complaining at all. Just give me more HB & HJW , don't care with their PPL at all :p


  4. It actually annoys me more when they cover products up. You know, the car logos being covered with fabric (like you can't tell from the shape anyway?), or purposely hold the beer so you can't see the label. The Smurf one is funny because we have the talking cat one on our iPhone and use it all the's a riot.

  5. Someone over at Dramabeans thinks the car game may be a prelude to what JW may need to know how to do for the blood movie.

  6. @buhdoop:
    That's cool, but how is it different from driving a real car? Wouldn't driving a real car be better practice? :-/

  7. Lol, yeah, but you can crash several times in a video game :)