Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 9

Gosh...today's spoiler is horrible. It's really poorly translated, some of the sentences are even left hanging halfway *sweat* Still, I'm sure the translator tried her hardest, so I'll do the same too. So please bear with me <(_ _)>
Chae Ryung goes to find Jong Suk to borrow money, but because of guilt, in the end she went back to the hospital. At the hospital she sees Hyuk Gi and Wook Gi being attentive and caring towards her dad, and faced them rather testily. 

Man Soo goes back home because he'd failed to raise the money. Mom blames everything on Man Soo; Chae Ryung heard their conversation and begrudges her mom for this mess. In the end, mom goes with Man Soo to raise the money, and they left home together. Meanwhile, Chae Ryung thinks of ways to earn some cash...
On the other hand, Hyuk Gi and Wook Gi goes to Byung Chun's former workplace, the "Chantel" room salon... 

Credits: Imzi @soompi for the HD stills


  1. this story line would have been much better for a daily drama...because it's beginning to be a hot mess to me...

    plus i am beginning to wish that Aeryung was the lead.

  2. Me too! The writer is bias on the screen time for the leads. But morning kdramas always struck me as having too much scene fillers, so the length of this drama is just nice for me (minus all the unnecessary BS in achim dramas) ;))

    I just wished they have more romance though, I'm starting to get fidgety from the lack of love:-L