Friday, December 17, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Marry, Me Mary! Episode 13

It defies the imagination, it truly does...I can't believe this is happening to my favorite trio. Someone pinch me, please.

After finding out the truth about the ring, Mary's dad rushed to Mu Gyul's house in a huff. Mary's live-in situation with Mu Gyul was exposed, and the three engage in some chase-and-run in the middle of the night. 

Although Mary's dad suspects of them cohabitating, due to various reasons, he decides to take a step back and observe things for a while. Jung In thinks they're in danger of being found out (damn right, JI!), hence his proposal for Mu Gyul to stay in his house together. Thus begins the convenient but tension-laden situation.

Jung In's dad raises plans about Mary's marriage to Jung In; Mu Gyul who sees Mary in a wedding dress with Jung In, gets mad and turns to leave. Mary chases after Mu Gyul to subdue him, but there she encountered Mu Gyul's mom that made her broke up with him.
Jung In is in sorrow when he found out about his dad's past with Mary's mom. Mary who's clueless about what's making Jung In sad, feels awkward and left out over Jung In's sudden cold shoulder (read: polite bastard treatment)

Wonderful Life's MV for its OST begins filming. Seo Joon is puzzled over Jung In's behavior, as well as Mary and Mu Gyul's ambiguous relationship. In the middle of the filming, one of the props falls down and Mu Gyul dives in to save Mary who's in the danger zone.

Chloe Says: Holy cow! Is this episode jam packed with happenings or what? From the length alone you can tell...this ain't going to be a smooth ride. Ties get broken, people get hurt and tension is at an all time high. But it's safe to say the OTP gets to reunite, thanks to the deus ex machina. Falling props in kdramas never fail to expose true love. And that's what our OTP has. True Love.

Via Baidu's Marry Me, Mary! and dc for pictures


  1. well, it's now down to 4 episodes left, so they have to create commotion, and raise the ratings which is why they replaced the writer....

  2. No, I don't think they purposely created a commotion purely for ratings sake. I think that's simply Writer Go's style.;)) And I have to say, I LOVE a breakup to makeup route, no prolong suffering necessary because it's all in one short episode. Yay! :D

  3. Thanks for update. I can't help but keep on smiling while reading your preview. Ep 13..GO WILLDDDD.... i'm just wondering whether the story plot follow manhwa or it has been altered?

  4. Hi Anonymous #2! For ur info, the drama story already deviated from the manhwa from Day 1. But I'd like to think that the heart and soul of the characters are still the same, if you know what I mean.:X The manhwa itself is currently still ongoing.

  5. thanks Chloeplus for your reply...well, i never know that the show is different from the manhwa. i thought only if the manhwa is still ongoing, the drama writer will have her own liberal to write the ending. Later, Manhwa will have to refer to this drama for its ending then????? ha.ha..just my weird thought .