Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kdramas And Their Caller IDs

Yes! It's a new day and I'm entitled to blog crazy about SG. Time for my SG fix!
Joo Won is 김똘추 (kim-tto-chu) to Ra Im

As drama addicts well know, only "special" Caller IDs are reserved for someone special in their hearts. Forget about yobo or chagiya, we'll never get this kind of chumminess from kdrama couples (unless it is to put up a facade like M3). What we get is somewhere along the lines of ajusshi, "jerk" and other unique nicknames that's born out of their (usually) disastrous encounter.

Secret Garden is no exception. Quarrel all you want, but you know somewhere deep, DEEP inside, they love each other. Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry gets to have one (nickname), you know. Here's how Joo Won got his kim-tto-chu:
(Kim) is his surname, Kim Joo Won
똘추 (tto-chu) is a slang; from 라이 한놈 (tto-lai        chu-han-nom), literally crazy bastard. To put it mildly, tto-chu means a rude ignorant fellow.
Were you let down? Ra Im just called him Kim The Rude Ignorant.
BUT! Writer Kim has done a wordplay on it. It has an additional meaning:

Kim- (surname; see above)
Tto- (from tto-chu, see above.) If you will recall, Ra Im called Joo Won a "tto-chu" at the hotel in Episode 1:
 "I thought you were just dumb, but I see that you're  a 똘추 (tto-chu) as well"
Chu- Hahaha. This is the best part yet. 'Cause it's about the Bling Bling.  (chu) as in 리닝 (chu-ri-ning), comes from the english word "training" (as in training wear). Yup, we're talking about the The Tracksuit.

So that concludes our Korean 101 today. I guess the most profound impression Joo Won has on Ra Im is 똘추 (tto-chu) and 리닝 (chu-ri-ning). Well, isn't that better than before? She calls him Kim The Jerk In A Tracksuit :D

Credits: Pictures from dc and Baidu, content from Baidu's Secret Garden (in chinese) and a 'lil research by me (my curiosity got in the way).


  1. awesomest nickname EVER!!!!!!!
    SG has officially rendered me unable to focus on works and deadlines. what to do, what to do.... help!

  2. lool...the nickname suits him lool !!
    Thanks fir the explanation!!
    When you don't speak the language, you can miss those I'm happy to understand and notice that...thanks to you :)

  3. LOOOOL love the nickname but now I'm curious to know under which ID did he register her on his mobile phone ?

  4. @Anonymous:
    I am very curious about that too. I hope it's not Little Mermaid, cuz he'll definitely get beaten up by Ra Im if so.

  5. @Anonymous:

    so far, RI's ID in JW's cellphone was Gil Ra Im (you can check it when JW received a call from her, the first one after he took a picture of her in her locker).

    @ chloeplus :
    I really dig this sort of playword... Thank you !