Monday, December 13, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 7

My favorite character so far:
Ae Ryung totally steals the show from her sister Chae Ryung. I think it's partly because of actress Lee Hee Jin who executes gripping emotions so well, but mostly 'cause Chae Ryung's still a spoiled brat, showing no signs of character development despite the show nearing towards its second half.
Like her brother, Ho Ryung said, she's the Shim Chung of the family and despite marrying Jin Goo for her family's sake (gah! k-heroines and their matyr complex), I find myself very invested in their relationship. So let's see who falls for whom first ;)

Alas, Dr. Hong! Were you nothing but a plot device?

Spoiler In Words For Episode 7
In the end, the marriage ceremony proceeded without Daddy Eun's presence. After the wedding banquet, Ae Ryung is in a dire mood as she thinks about her father. Ho Ryung leaves for the hospital, where he had an accidental encounter with Hee Jae. But turns out it was not so "accidental" on Hee Jae's part, it was all part of her plan...

At the hospital, Hyuk Gi is sadden by Ho Ryung's hostile treatment, and as a result of that he vows to himself that he'll repay the debt owed to Daddy Eun (I find it weird that the victim's family is the one who feels sorry here)
As Daddy Eun recovers consciousness, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. He gives Ae Ryung his blessings for the couple, instead Ae Ryung just teared up in the arms of her father.

Meanwhile, Man Soo finds out that his friend has absconded with his money meant for stock investing.


  1. you know chloe it did occur to me while watching the preview 2 months ago that ae ryung could also be the heroine..she is daddy's girl too..i feel the focus is not on Chae Ryung anymore

  2. It's certainly interesting isn't it? But I think the show wants to solve the sis problem's first to focus on CR's later. Slowly but surely, I hope.

  3. \O/ Hurrah! I've gain a IADD buddy for me to chat with :-*

  4. I agree 100%. Ae Ryung is a far more complex and interesting character played by a very talented actress. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future. I will say the guy she is matched with is no match for her. He appears to be waaay too young for this role. He is supposed to be 30 and a businessman? He looks like he's still in high school and acts even younger. Poor Ae Ryung.