Friday, December 10, 2010

Spoiler In Words for The Fierce Wife Episode 6

Mmm...I don't know about you, but my SG addiction isn't so bad thanks to Mon-Tue's Mary, on Wed-Thu I'll watch Daddy and on Friday I have this twdrama gem. This is what I call my Perfect Drama Schedule.

~Tip Six: The Future Is Sweet?~
With the guidance of Rui Xuan, an expert on mistresses, An Zhen grows more cautious of Ai Ling and decides to go to the office to do some confrontation!

At night, Meng Meng demands for a bedtime story, but An Zhen is in a daze, and does not answer her. Wei En swoops in to help. Reading stories to Rui Fan's cute daughter Meng Meng, Wei En feels like it's her own little family. As she tenderly looks at Rui Fan and Meng Meng, a surge of possessiveness swarmed her heart.

An Zhen thinks lately Rui Fan's behavior has been suspicious; each of his moves met Rui Xuan's criteria on "Signs Of A Cheating Man". An Zhen is anxious, but she kept reminding herself what her mom told her, "Life is sweet, the future is sweet, (you) must believe in Rui Fan!"
Rui Fan listens to Wei En's suggestion about going on a honeymoon with An Zhen (is this mistress-husband relationship twisted or what?). The An Zhen who's never had a romantic moment after marriage, her heart goes still...

It's the weekend, Rui Fan and An Zhen prepares to leave, and Wei En stays at home and sends them off. Wei En tried to contact Rui Fan but couldn't reach him. As time passed by, her suspicion and jealousy grew...(WTF girl, are you helping them or trying to make things worst?!)
Wei En couldn't stand the torture anymore, and secret goes to the Hot Springs Resort. *face palm* But unexpectedly, she meets Tian Wei there...
Chloe Says: Seriously, cute Tian Wei x An Zhen moments are the only reason why I don't die of a heart attack in this show.

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