Monday, January 31, 2011

Ha Ji Won Gives An Answer To Taecyeon

Awww this noona-love relationship is so sweet. Yeah I'm totally imagining something more than what seems like a simple admiration. But if Demi Moore can work it, I don't see why this is impossible, ha!
Below is an relevant excerpt from a Newsen interview, and thanks to kingsun0009 I don't even have to translate the sentence (love!):

Q: Say something to your a big fan of yours, Taecyeon?
A: Thank you so much. I've been watching Dream High and supporting you. I'm worried that you'll change your favourite actress. However, I hope you won't change your heart, haha.
Oh that means Ha Ji Won must be on the MiGook ship.'s lonely here being on the SamMi boat T_T

DH On-site's Presscon (Suzy's Cut)

It's funny how one's perspective changes pre and post broadcast of a show; not too long ago I remember having no expectations of DH, which was in my mind a "musical-idol" extravaganza, something along the lines of High School Musical. But no, what I got was Over The Rainbow with more pizzazz. Well well, that'll tell me not to look down on idols' crossovers anymore, eh? 
The following is a pretty interesting Q & A session from the recent on-site presscon held on the 25th, as Suzy talks about her acting debut, the difference between her and Hye Mi, and which guy she prefers (oh even Baek Hee's name is mentioned!)

During KBS 2TV Dream High's on-site press conference, Suzy was asked whether she was troubled by the negative comments on her acting skills. Seeing Dream High is her debut, many were skeptical about her ability to take on a main character (have to admit: myself included). In response to the reporters, Suzy replied: "Regarding many criticisms on my acting, I think it's attributed to my being new at acting.  I regret not being able to express Hye Mi's despair when she failed Kirin's High School's audition. 
She continued: "But I think I'm making progress in my performance, so I try not to think about those "controversies" and instead do my level best as "Go Hye Mi" so that the audience won't have to ponder on such things anymore."
On her character, Hye Mi compared to herself: "My personality and Go Hye Mi's is completely different. I'm not the type to throw temper like that, so it's pretty hard for me to express myself that way. But I've gradually adapted to it." 

Next up, some playful questions from the reporters: When asked on whether Kim Soo Hyun or Taecyeon suited Go Hye Mi better, she said, "To Jin Gook, Hye Mi is the girl he really wants. As for Sam Dong, she's someone he'll never be able to reach." (hc: Awww, this is too sad. It really says something about the two's personality doesn't it? Jin Gook just wants Hye Mi and doesn't ponder so much as to why, as for Sam Dong he thinks he doesn't deserve her. And THAT my friend, is the universal failing of second leads. Siiigh.)
It gets better from here; next question's answer is the most interesting of the lot. When asked which character will hold up best in the real [entertainment] world, Suzy replied: "Yoon Baek Hee." She goes on to elaborate: "When she makes up her mind to achieve something, I think she'll be able to succeed in the real world." (hc: Wait, does that mean...that one has to be a b*tch to make it in the industry? Hmmmm)
Things are lookin' good for Dream High, for the latest broadcast its ratings reached 15.9%, the first for its time slot. 

Credits: Via Baidu, Chi trans by dawn, into English by hellochloe. 

Props From Philips Event

Something extra on Hyun Bin's event I posted earlier, it's a short post but this is too kuupta not to share:
Which is your favorite Binnie look of them all? (for me it's no contest, it's Binnie in heart-armor churining).

The cake:

A very Secret Garden-ish bouquet (or maybe it's just me):

I dunno how effective Binnie's endorsement for Philip shavers are gonna be, 'cause I happen to like his stubble (and I don't think I'm alone on this one). 

Via dc

Dream High: BTS (and spoiler) Pics

You know you have it bad when your heart goes doki doki at the sight of them, even when they're not in character...
Ohhh the DH dilemma...
SamMi <3
<3 MiGook
But first a non-DH announcement: I think I just had my first experience as a noona fan! (usually stars are older than me, even Kim Soo Hyun is my oppa) I've just pledge my ever lasting fandom for j-actor Yukito Nishii. He drop dead wowed me in Kokuhaku, which I am now pimping to everybody. The show is fantastic!!! I just finished it and I was on the edge of my seat until the last moment, adrenalin still rushing even after the credits rolled. It's a gripping psychological play based on a novel of the same name. Guess I HAVE to learn Japanese soon, 'cause obviously I'm missing out on so many brilliant literature (namely novels Shizanmono, Ryusei no Kizuna, Byakuyako). So watch Kokuhaku while you're waiting for DH. You won't regret it.

Haaa~ Now that I've got that out of my chest, here's some revealing BTS shots of what's gonna come: Pil-sook ends up in the hospital?!! Let's hope it has nothing to do with the abrupt weight loss.

Fat or thin, Pil-sook is so prettyyy...
Am also having major envy on her pink guitar!

And after Pil-sook of course Jason is next, a pic highlighting his daebak hair:
Dunno whether this is from DH or his 2PM shoot, but it's the same (daebak!) hair:
Him bustin' a move:
And an interesting tidbit to share (based on a BTS interview): Apparently Wooyoung wants a K-I-S-S scene with IU. Taecyeon had express his desire for a kiss scene and Wooyoung followed suit, saying they gotta have one even if it means revising the [filiming] schedule. Haha, my 2PM boys are bad like that. 

2PM's Nickhun:

One party pic to please Sam Dong fans:
And another for the Jin Gook fan:
He's either doing yoga or the snake dance -_-"

Concert pics:

The other four (and I thank God Jason narrowly escaped this fate):
Too bad Jin Gook is not as lucky:
Am surprised Jo In Sung didn't make it, this guy got to debut with the three instead:

I usually like my kdrama guys to be slick and sneaky (think Joo Won), but Sam Dong is neither. 
 And I love it!

The third pair I'm shipping for. Although I have to admit, right now Popular Teacher is still an enigma to me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream High Updates (and it ain't looking good)

...and Pil Sook becomes skinny (never mind that she looks skinner than Hye Mi)! It's just in time for Jason's addition to the class. But, something is obviously missing. Misfit Mania's status quo is still maintained at 4 members. Where's our Jin Gook-sshi?

Oh dear. Do you think he's transferred to the Popular Class? Oh boy oh boy I'm incoherent at the thought of it. Everyone is just hateful there. Put it this way, I like Baek Hee the most out of everyone in Pop Class (and that should tell ya something). The thought of seeing more of Jo In Sung and his wannabe Jun-pyo hair... ***depressed***
But what's for sure is there will be more BH x Jin Gook screentime. According to Eun Jung in BTS interview: Jin Gook will repeatedly end up with Baek Hee through circumstances that forces them together. ***doubly depressed***
On Jason & Ms. Sushi coupling, I wonder how Jason will reply to Pil-sook's confession? It seemed mean from the previews but honestly I think that was just an editing trick (i.e that he wasn't talking about/to her and she misunderstood). 
But if he really was mean...***triply depressed***
...I'm gonna kick his Popular Boy butt!

Via Baidu's Dream High

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Happy For Today: The Dream High Version

I can't believe it myself...but there you have it, something independent of SG that makes me happy nonetheless. A picspam of DH's on-site press conference: Showing my Sam Dong love!
Not to be outdone, Taecyeon busts into a move too:

Oh, stop it already, you two.

Two of my favorite men together:

From this angle you can really see Jason's mohawk, awe-some:
On Wooyoung, I think his acting is REALLY (really, really) wooden and he walks funny in the show, but ironically I LOVE him for it. One of the scenes that cracked me up the most in DH was during the Makjang 101 Class, where the teach asked them to imagine that they got just got married to their sweetheart, and Jason put on his Yesss! face. That was. really. priceless.

When the idol meets the actor... get The Cute!
At the rate I'm going, is it obvious which couple I'm shipping for?

I really hope K will comprise of these five individuals (sans Baek Hee, I want IU):

Eun Jung had a hard time navigating her way because of her short mini-skirt, but her being the awesome Eun Jung manages to pull it off looking graceful throughout the proceeding:
See what I mean by short? (Suzy's luckier her skirt was *slightly* longer)
That's where the blankets come in:
The only thing missing from the happy party is IU! Where is that girl?

Credits: Photos as tagged.