Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spoiler In Words: IADD Ep. 12 & 13

I swear, sometimes translating SIWs makes me want to tear the hair off my head. Calling it cracking a Leonardo da Vinci code wouldn't be far off. Don't believe me? Every sentence is so goddamn long like this, mix in a couple of disjointed scenarios here and you have no idea what the hell is going on in this sentence oh if you're lucky it you'll get the occasional commas to separate the foot-long sentence to shorten your misery, feel free to do a headdesk now. 
That is why when the sentence finally clicks in after some deconstruction and reading it aloud for the 9831203920-th time, 
the sense of accomplishment is like no other. Hohoho. I finally understand what Robert Langdon must have felt solving those damn puzzles.

Spoiler In Words Episode 12

Chae Ryung hears about Daddy Eun missing and immediately rushes home, only to find out that it was a false alarm.  Meanwhile, there've a group of uninvited guests -it's the group of loan sharks followed by the police. As a result, Jin Goo's dad finds out that Daddy Eun is suspected of manslaughter. 

Daddy Eun express his intentions to stay in a FOC nursing home. Chae Ryung and Ae Ryung is saddened by his decision, but the both of them differ in their opinion. 
Jin Goo and Ae Ryung asks for forgiveness from Jin Goo's dad for note telling him about Daddy Eun's predicament. Jin Goo's dad wants them to find a lawyer to get to the bottom of this case. 

In the meantime, Jin Goo finds out that his mom is treating Ae Ryung badly and gets mad, he tells her that he will reveal the skeletons in the family's closet if she continues to do so. 

Spoiler In Words Episode 13
As Daddy Eun is now living in a nursing home, Chae Ryung tries to fight off her despair and plunges herself into work. Seeing her in this condition, Hyuk Gi brings her to visit her dad and because of this, Chae Ryung is filled with gratitude. 

Knowing of Daddy Eun's stay at the nursing home, Jin Goo's dad offers to pay off the family's debt and get Daddy Eun out of that centre. However Ae Ryung refuses his offer. 
Jin Goo's mom still holds Ae Ryung with contempt, she uses her and makes it impossible for her to go back to her family. All the gallery's dealings are left for her to handle. On the other hand, Jin Goo uses Anna to cheat his mom out of her money. 

Meanwhile, Jong Suk appears at the Chae Ryung's arbeit place.

Chloe Says: The story is getting better don't you think? CR is (finally) shaping up and we have more AR x JG moments (both OTPs FTW!) Oh, and I must comment on how good Ae Ryung looks with wavy hair too. Nice.

Credits: Imzi@soompi for HD stills.


  1. Yess!!! finally, some good plot. It's sad that it took this long, and that not many people are watching this drama. Hopefully it will just get better from here!

  2. LOL...I like your thinking and writing

  3. I like this drama. Yes it took awhile and i Hope & Wish that it will not end thoughtlessly like how they do to Playful Kiss, Mary Stayed Out At Night and Sungkyunkwan Scandal... just to name a few... depressing.

  4. Not end thoughtlessly??? In your dreams.
    If only it were true but don't expect a miracle here. K-dramas are known for their ridiculous endings. There are just too many characters in this show to have the ends all tied up neatly in a bow. But some writers try to do that and it always ends up so lame looking. This show has 11 single guys and 6 single women...mathematically it is not possible for everyone to get sorted out.