Saturday, January 22, 2011

SG: A Tribute To Everyone Who Has Ever Worn The Bling Bling

Yes, even you doggie. Among the people below are 2AM's Changmin, the awesomerific Kim Gab Soo as Joo Won in MBC's sitcom All My Love, Baby brothers uljjang (huh there's such thing ?) Mason and Mavin (which one is it? dunno...)

No doubt about it, the best is still the Bling Bling. No tracksuit comes close!


  1. I found it on ebay for $100+, i have the 衝動to buy it..but then i can use the same money to buy SG Directors Cut.
    I am just gna wait out my obsession and see if it gets better THEN decide if i want it still. LOL

  2. I want to buy it !!