Friday, January 21, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 11 + Preview Vid

Despite being anti-OTP in the show, this feeling doesn't extend to real life. James Wen is looking mighty fine with his Wook Gi hairdo, as he hands out ang pows (red envelopes containing $$) to the crowd at the open market. 

O, looking at these pics remind me of my trip to Taiwan recently. Those yummy dried grilled squids!

Venue: Dihua Street in Taipei
With Chinese New Year just two weeks away, people are busy doing preparations for it now, such as spring cleaning, shopping for new clothes (preferably red), making cookies et cetera. K-addicts too, be prepared for a week of no dramas whatsoever as Koreans have their own version of CNY.

Sampling some drinks offered at the market:

Sampling some food:
You betcha the store's gonna display a "so-and-so went to my store" promo photos after this. Did I tell you about the store I went to in Taiwan that had Chow Yun Fat's photo with the owner? I'll show you in my Part II post, later (havta get my 500+ photos from the trip organized).

The photogenic duo:

The Yum-O squid I was talking about! Yum...

Drooling right now...

Rui Fan: Eh, wifey, you shouldn't pack too much squid in one packet. You'll make the owner lose money.
An Zhen: I got it, I'm The Fierce Wife after all, y'know?

Haih, why couldn't I have met them at the market?

~Tip Eleven: I Just Want A Perfect Memory~
Rui Xuan couldn't bear looking at the lethargic An Zhen at work, and she enlists the help of Tian Wei to convince An Zhen to buy a car. They went for a test drive, but An Zhen is absent minded as she's distracted with the problems going on with Rui Fan. Tian Wei gets mad at her couldn't-care-less attitude and decides to pull a trick on her.

Wei En tells Rui Fan that she has decided to go back to the US, but before she leaves she hopes that he will give her a perfect memory - in a form of a trip together. 

The new Marketing Director has just assumed his post and he has summoned for the worst performing sales rep. Among those are last-placer An Zhen and old-timer Rui Xuan. Both of them were alarmed, but when they reached there, they saw a familiar face - Lan Tian Wei!

Tian Wei ordered: In order for them to keep their jobs they will have to meet some stringent conditions, and the "stringent condition" turn out to be...
At night, Rui Fan and Wei En are sleeping on the same bed, their backs to each other, and each could not fall asleep...Wei En hugs him from behind and said: "Jie Fu*, can I...for the last time, I want to make you happy..."
Chloe Says: "Jie Fu" sort of means brother-in-law, but to be more specific it means older sister's husband. What a thing to say huh?

Episode 11's Preview: 

Via SETTV The Fierce Wife's Official Website

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