Sunday, January 16, 2011

SG: The Ending

Eh...why are the pics super clear? Something smells fishy, or maybe it's just me not believing. Pinch me? 
Look -it's really triplets! I swear I'll do a thousand headdesks if Ra Im turns out to be carrying other ppl's children (i.e. Seul's or Ah Young's).

Either it's the OTP or Oska & Seul registering for their marriage. Either way, I WANT a wedding ceremony!!

The OTP's Party Kiss BTS
Somebody at Baidu pointed this out - LOL, I pitied the dude a 'lil a bit.
See the guy circled in red? Turns out he looked too happy - so happy the director NG-ed the scene.

In the final scene, he was gone. Awww...

Via dc, Baidu


  1. muahahaha that guy, i saw the bts and he got kicked out xD

  2. Not fair - what's wrong with being HAPPY?! Are all the rich dudes suppose to be glaring? Gah!