Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lee Jong Suk's Photoshoot And Interview For Elle Girl

Speaking of closure, at least Tae Ssun got his, albeit a sad one. He's still young, and I hope he meets a nice guy who makes him happy someday. 

Meanwhile in real life, Lee Jong Suk is rockin' his red hairdo. And those paddington boots! Looks just like the one he wore during the fisherman episode, haha. During the photoshoot, a short interview was conducted, and he talks of the ups and downs of his life before achieving success as an actor, his hobbies and SG co-star Yoon Sang Hyun.
He that compared to chillin' at club, he prefers to hang out at a coffee shop, having a good chat with his friends. 

On a love life, he said, "When you're in a relationship, you tend to be more childish." He also mentioned that Yoon Sang Hyun is one of coolest guys he ever met. "Even if he's not on camera, he helps you out with your lines. And when the crew gets tired, he jokes around on set and keeps the atmosphere cheerful." Lee Jong Suk was all praises for Yoon Sang Hyun. 

This one has an interesting color palette:
A cow suit and barely there eyeliner. Interesting.

The Bubble Kiss
On one of SG's famous signature kisses, Lee Jong Suk said: "When I saw the scene, I unconsciously let out a sigh. It's something even a guy's heart will skip a beat to. 

This look may seem pretty boring compared to the rest, until you realize...what the heck is he wearing? Are those leggings with his three quarter pants? Or some freakin' long socks? 
Lee Jong Suk's fresh charm and sincere interview will be available in February's issue of Elle Girl.

Via TVDaily and Sina

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