Thursday, January 13, 2011

Episode 19's Preview Transcript + Video

Joo Won: This woman Ra Im, what kind of woman is she? 
JW meets Ra Im who's with Oska at the bus stop. JW, sourly says: "What a lovely picture!"
JW follows Oska; Ra Im goes in to her home and prepares a drink for Oska.
JW: You guys are not really together right? I'm having Seul then.

Ah Young and Secretary Kim is in a coffee shop. Ah Young gets foam on her lip; Sec Kim is shocked.
Sec Kim: Oh, drink up!
He then pulls Ah Young's hand.

Oska hold Seul's hand in public and they had a slow walk through the avenue. Oska suddenly shouts, "Seul ah, saranghae!"

Oska's mom (in an accusing tone towards Seul): You're having this sort of relationship with Woo Young, then what's your intention getting close to Joo Won?

Oska sitting with TS on the couch, and he shuffles TS's hair. 
Oska: Let's set what we call each other (as in, preferably "sunbae" or "hyung", is no doubt what Oska has in mind).
Tae Ssun: Oska
Oska: Great! Osk... *suddenly discovers something amiss*

Ah Young and Ra Im having dinner together.
Ah Young: Yesterday I had another dream. *She covers her mouth in shock and refuses to divulge futher*
Ra Im: What sort of dream?

Ra Im sits alone in the Action's school's locker room. Joo Won's voiceover: "If you have throughly deceived me, or want to deceive me, I will...."

The 30 secs YT preview:

Tudou's preview, linky:

Via Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans), YT link thanks to 7lotus@soompi


  1. Thanks for the preview! Looks like JW is remembering something (I want him to remember everything, not just his promise to RI's father!)...

    Oh, I so don't want the weekend to be here (first time, ever). I don't want SG to end!

    Btw, I was wondering if you caught up with MP and what you thought of the series so far?

  2. Oh no I have not, just finished downloading the episode (so I'm going to, like right this second). What's YOUR verdict?

  3. Wow! I left for my Europe vacation just before ep 14 and it seems that I missed a lot huh? Two more eppies left. Can I just say that this is the first kdrama that I never want to let go of. Strange how that happens. Just wanna say thanks for all your effort in putting up those spoilers of SG, Chloe. This is the first time I've ever gone through spoilers before watching something. Sigh. The power of SG (or should I say, Ha Ji Won?) Gosh I'm always such a fan of hers. Luckily there's this blog of yours to feed my insatiable SG addiction. Till next drama crack, dear Chloe. Don't know when that'll be...

    P.S: Saw that you went on your own trip abroad. Hope you had as much fun as I did. Much thanks :)

  4. @Chloe: so far, I found MP to be light and funny, but I haven't fallen in love with it yet. But we'll see :)

  5. @sophie: *Sigh* The moment I hit the play button, numerous stuff came up that needed to be translated. I guess I'll have to put my kdrama viewing aside for tomorrow...

  6. I dont think i will love My Princess as much as i love Secret Garden. Frankly because i like the couple of SG MUCH MUCH more (plus, Binnie is 454722134783x cuter than Song Seung Heon). But i do like that its an easy fluffy watch even though not as quirky as SG.
    I will be rewatching SG ALOT after it ends, until i find another drama-crack (as went with You're Beautiful before i found SG).