Sunday, January 16, 2011

SG Finale Dinner

*Sigh* Don't you wish you were there? The perfect way to end this epic drama - with the stars themselves in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. If this show were aired live here in Malaysia, I would wear an "I LOVE SG" T-shirt, and make my family wear it too while we watch the final episode. Le sigh, wouldn't that be wonderful... let a girl dream, will ya? 

This song is the song in Oska's No Smoking campaign scene (the one where he was singing with the 'lil kids), it's so cute and it IS really a song for a No Smoking campaign:
Smoke Free - U-Kiss 

I'm sure EVERYONE is here at the finale dinner, but I only have the non-main cast here:

Sec. Kim in casual wear. He might as well be wearing a tracksuit.

Mr. Sexy Voice, Lee Byung Joon.

JW's mom. As evil as she was, I'm hoping for a reconciliation so that there'll be a big happy family in the end. 

JW's sis, played by actress Choi Yoon So. So pretty. 

Lee Jong Suk accessorizing: 
For people who want more of the Finale Celebration Dinner, unfortunately I couldn't get more photos (I think it's a close door celebration, perhaps SBS will release it later). But here's a Tudou newsclip on people coming and going. It reminds me of a movie premier:

I dunno where to put this lovely me2day pics posted yesterday, so I'll just place the triplets here:

I don't think I've watch a couple registering for marriage on a kdrama before. But then again, I had many firsts on SG^^
Ha Ji Won looking happy she Just Got Married. Hehe.

More on the Smoke Free Song (can't get enough of it). A Eng subbed MV and The Making Of..., also subbed:

Chloe SaysThinks: Will anyone actually stop smoking because of this? Nah, but it's still the cutest campaign ever!

A news clip featuring the making of the MV: 


  1. How do you feel Chloe after that finale episode? I think I am still numb (now having difficulty typing, seriously!), maybe in denial stage that this is the last episode. Good thing we have something to look forward to next weekend.

    Keep the pics coming on the Finale Dinner Party okay :D

  2. I'm daydreaming and making my own stories, like how they were when 13 years ago, et cetera...

    If this were a manga, we would have a prequel or something. I would love more of the 21-year-old Joo Won and 17-year-old Ra Im.

    This is the first kdrama I had in years where I felt that each episode was fantastic! So happy...:X Thank you Writer Kim!

  3. who knows there'll be secret garden 2 :p

    chloe, im from malaysia too..
    may i know if u gonna buy the sg dvd or not?

  4. Duh! I will, not right away but probably somewhere in the next two years when I miss Binnie and can't stand it no more:D

  5. hi chloe! I enjoy reading your blog. do you have more pictures from the SG finale party? specifically of the main cast and favorite OTP.
    thank you in advance

  6. Morning A! I have updated the post and will update again if I get any new news. Thanks for the love :X

  7. Morning to you too, C! Thank you for responding. Just like you, I am already missing Secret Garden. Good think I found your blog so I could get some news about any other kdramas worth seeing. Secret Garden is the best though! Thank you again for any update(s) that you will be posting about HJW and HB in the future. All the best to you Chloe!

  8. heard on another blog that the "honeymoon bed scene" where they had the longest kiss took 6 hrs to shoot! Could you perhaps get some news on that? Thanks to your blog, I get to read up on more SG news!

  9. I need to find a new obsession. JB and you seems to like MP but im not feelin it.Its ok. its just me. LOL.

  10. Well, you're spoilt for choice. There's Sign, Dream High, President and also the upcoming Paradise Ranch ;))