Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ha Ji Won: "Tang Wei Watches SG Too"

Ha Ji Won recently attended Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection in Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She was the only Korean star who has been invited for the event, alongside Chinese actresses Tang Wei, Gong Li, Maggie Cheung and other stars.

Ha Ji Won said: "That day I met Tang Wei for the first time, she said she watched Secret Garden. When I said I knew Late Autumn will be released in Korea, she replied it would be in February. She was very warm, like a friend." She expressed her regret at not being able to chat with her further: "The fashion show was held in a relatively dark room, furthermore we sat separately from each other. We did meet again in the crowded elevator, but there was no time to chat about the drama or partnering with Hyun Bin and such."

Although Secret Garden has not officially aired in China, it is available through various channels (hc: such as *cough* Tudou *cough*) and has gained nationwide attention in China. She laughed and said: "I had no idea Secret Garden was so popular in China. It's similar to Korea, so I'm surprised. Compared to me, they're more obsessed  about the role." She went on: "The Chinese fans have been calling me by my name in the drama to take pictures. They would also send fruits to the hotel for me to eat when I'm tired, they have been very attentive. The shooting for the television series have been tiring, but through this visit to China, I'm very happy."

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