Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Ep. 5

Wow I'm surprised at how interesting DH sounds, glad Hye Mi is not the goodie two-shoes I imagined her to be from the first SIW ('cause that would be comatose for me). And turns out that Kim So Hyun's no smallbie -his character's a delight! Bwahaha I can't wait to watch the rice bag part <3
Spoiler In Words
Hye Mi tells Baek Hee that she will win over her for the evaluations, declares an all-out war on her. 
Let's not mention the technical subjects, even the practice rooms are prohibited to the special class. Seeing that, they felt how slim the chances of them winning. But then, Pil Sook joins the class after failing to lose weight. 
Oh Hyuk asks Jin Man to secretly teach these kids; Jin Man pointed out that Hye Mi has no "feel" in her singing, which made her very depressed. But in order to win against Baek Hee, she immediately buck up and strives to find a solution for her problem.


  1. I really don't like HM. I thought I might start to like her as the episodes moved on, but seriously dislike her even more. She's too much of a bratty bitch for me. I know everyone says its her defense mechanism and all, but that doesn't seem to justify her behaviors to me. w/e, I'm only watching this show for BH, and the two hotties, who I hope won't only go for HM.

  2. Thanks I'm waiting for this ^_^