Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 1 + Official Trailer

Doesn't this look lovely quirky? It's amazing Yeon Hee can still rock the hair, that would have been fugly on someone else. I'm sold on the young couple-divorced storyline but reserve my comments on the cast -I won't be greedy, I just wish for Changmin to ace this (since it's imperative for me to like his character). 
Err, I'm not sure whether three sentences qualifies as a spoiler, but since this is what is given by SBS, who am I to say anything? At least I don't have to crack my head like for IADD's spoilers *shrugs*

First watch the trailer and I'll give my three sentences:

How was it? Good eh? (*not referring to the acting but the no. of shirtless scenes)

SIW for Episode 1
Dong Joo and Da Ji runs into the crowd, all the while holding hands. Da Ji's dad pushes her luggage and follows the two. While running, Da Ji loses her shoe, and after a moment of hesitation, she decides to go barefoot altogether (and the point of this sentence being...?).

Paradise Ranch 101
Changmin is Dong Joo 
Yeon Hee is Da Ji 
Yoo Hana (I still erroneously think she's Chinese) is Jin Young 
Giant dude is Yoon Ho
Dong Joo and Da Ji married when she was 19. It ended in divorce. Six years later they meet again in Jeju-do. Now Da Ji has Yoon Ho by her side, and Dong Joo has Jin Young. It sounds like they have moved on. Or have they really? 

More stills: 

Via dc, Baidu's Paradise Ranch (in Chinese)


  1. this reminds me of an MTV show called the X effect hahaha ima watch anywaays

  2. I must be getting old...I don't get pop culture references anymore :((

  3. I like Yoo Hana!
    But how can i watch this if i dont think the main guy OR the second guy is cute?

  4. Witch Team will sub this drama?

  5. Which team will sub this drama?

  6. can't wait for this drama!!!

  7. @ilikehim: No way! Take a good look at the Giant dude and tell me you don't think he's cute =((

    @Anonymous: I'm not sure, perhaps Yeoni subs which subbed the preview?