Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Binnie Joins The Marine Corps; SG Goodness Spreads Throughout Asia

Yay! Two news ALL Gardeners will be proud of, no doubt. I hope this weekend's show will end nicely, 'cause there's nothing like a poop-y ending to spoil a freakin'tastic show (with only two more eps to go, don't fail me now, Writer-nim!).

Binnie And The Sea

Hyun Bin has applied for the enlistment to the Marines. He participated in the recruitment interview on the eve of Christmas last year (24 December 2010) and will be getting the notification on February. If all goes well, he's to enlist in March.

According to his agency, the reason he chose the Marines is due to the influence from a friend of his serving in the Marines Corps. Hyun Bin said of his enlistment in last year's SBS Awards, "Although it's a little late for to perform my military service, but I really feel grateful receiving this award before my enlistment. 

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is busy filming for the finale and he has not a moment of rest. 

SG Sold To The Following Countries...
The producers of Secret Garden said, "From Episode 4's broadcast, it has been getting offers from China, Taiwan and other regions. By the 6th Episode's broadcast, import deals were already done with Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia (MALAYSIA boleh!! *waves national flag*), Indonesia and other Asian regions. 
Chloe Says: Woohoo! I can't wait to tell my dad about this, if there's one to beat my kdrama addict status in the household, it has to be papa. He can take more shit from kdramas (i.e plot holes) than my brain could ever accept and he has been known to stay up till 2 AM watching DVDs. He finished Jumong in record speed, something I won't be able to achieve in this lifetime.

Via Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. so did he go out of his way to enlist in the army or did he get a notice saying he has to serve now?

  2. He submitted his application for Marine Corp last year and was being interviewed on X'mas Eve 2010 (In Korea, joining Marine Corp is one of the biggest honor as it is more difficult and toughtest than joining the army/soldier force). Therefore, Korea Govt. required a pre interview for those who are interest to join the Marine. Binnie is the man and I respect him more.

  3. Hi, so to understand this correctly, he wasn't due for his mandatory service but instead he actually went out of his way to enlist in the navy. I thought that he got the mandatory notice and then he had a choice in terms of where he wanted to be placed and so that's why he applied for the Marines. But I guess that's not the case then. He actually wanted to join the army services on his own. Is this correct? Thx.

  4. Yay...go Marines! Get it right people NOT Navy NOT Army it's the Marine Corps!! :) That first picture of him looks like he's in the tropics...HI may be?? Go Binny Marine! Salute!

  5. To my best knowledge, the Korean government requires that all Korean male citizens serve a military duty when they are between the ages of 18 and 35. In most cases, the celebrity will join before they turn 30 or receive a mandatory letter from the official who requrie to join the army asap i.e. Lee Ji Kun. Not sure about Binnie tho, have not heard that he received the notice from the official, I assume he made this decision on his own. Hope it helps.

  6. Hi Show2007, thx for letting me know. I appreciate it.

  7. hahaha chloe u're so funny indeed, u know...
    (MALAYSIA boleh!! *waves national flag*)


  8. Obviously, Anonymous @ 5:33AM does not "get" the fact that regardless of which division a person is in, if they're in the military, they are essentially sacrificing their life so that others may stay safe. Whether a person is in the marines, the army, the navy or whatever, they all share a common purpose and so they are all equal in that respect. So to go around saying the marines are this and that shows how little regard this person has of human life. Shame on u. War is not a game. "Get that"!

  9. Yes Chloe, MALAYSIA BOLEH!! (im malaysian too)

    Hopefully they won't dub secret garden to mandarin. Not that I have anything against mandarin or what, it's just.. it feels weird. huhu

    Anyway, glad that u're back, safe n sound. ^^

  10. well in video games war sure is a game....however if one's family/friends are marines why not root for it as fellow marines comrades etc sense.....anyhow Ano@9:29am will you please CALM DOWN what's with the Negativity? that was not the intention of the reply. It's sole purpose was clarification in good taste, since Chloe's post clearly stated at the top "Marine Corps" but the replies kept mentioning army/navy..
    sorry chloe for this you can just delete it if necessary even the Anonymous @ 5:33AM post!
    *waving Marine Corps flag* at Anon9:29am :p :X

  11. Okay *hands out chill pills* all's cool, Hyun Bin is a hero, and so are all the Korean men doing their service. The End.

  12. aw !to philippines. Im soo giddy! il be waiting 4 u SG

  13. @Anon 6:52PM, what are u talking about??? I was calm to begin with. It seems it's u who's got issues, talking about calming down etc....