Friday, January 21, 2011

SG Steamy Parody

Oooh, this post have been (deliciously) upped. Dear dc genius, please tell me who you are, 'cause I wanna make banners for you. Your fan foreva, hellochloe.
The following post is restricted to LOEL Department Store Staff. Err, perhaps that is a wee bit restrictive, so let it be for the eyes of die-hard Gardeners only:

Given their love of books, I betcha the triplets will be avid readers too^^

Probably the most decent photo of the lot:

PS must be man's most divine invention. Hallelujah for making the dreams of SG fans all around the world come true. 

You're not the only one blushing, sweetie. 


  1. omg i so love these. These pics r making my imagination go wild

  2. OMG! I am blushing!!!!
    Geez, these withdrawall syptoms are kicking really hard, I just don't want to let go of this amazing drama.
    by the way " A BIG THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES"!!!!!

  3. OMG the bathroom ones (including the shaving) are genius!!!! LOL so epic... so THIS is how the triplets came to be. My mind is in the gutter... get it out.

  4. Hi Chloe,

    We have founded a perv club for some special Se-Ga fans and we are having alot of fun. On behalf of the club, we would like to thank you for these special pictures you have shared from SBS to humour our club further. All our members have hilarious moments looking at the pictures.