Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oska Does The Confession LA Style

A few things we know about Writer Kim:
-She has a great sense of humor
-She thinks Dir. Park (played by Lee Byung Joon) has a sexy voice (now I think so too).
-She has a great rapport with PD-nim Shin Woo Chul and stars from her dramas.
-She likes Love Actually.
Actually I don't get the hype surrounding Love Actually at all. I didn't think it was  all that romantic and the couple I liked most didn't have a happy ending. Boo!
The Grand Gesture from Love Actually.

But more than it being LA-esque, I think Oska was trying to do what Seul did for him years before (yeah, that flashback).

The filming of that scene was done in great spirits, on set the crew couldn't stop laughing (don't ask me, beats me what's so funny). Oska and Seul had a misunderstanding in the past, and in order to get the girl back, he does the Grand Gesture. "The Sketchbook" scene will be featured in Episode 16. Let's cross our fingers and wish all the best to our beta couple, peeps.

Via Hankyung


  1. Oska looked like an adorable puppy showing her those notes to her, a big AWWW for him :X