Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream High Ropes In Another 2PM Member

After 7 episodes, I have to concede: Well done, producer Yon-sama and Park Jin Young. This show is officially my qualified substance for the new year. 
Wooyoung and Taecyeon's bandmember (from 2PM), Nickhun (glad I recognize him from the DH's presscon, whew!) will be doing a cameo for Dream High. In the show, he will appear as (wait for it) Romeo. Yes, Romeo as in the "wherefore art thou" kind. As you can see in the stills below, he will be doing a cellphone CF with idol star and Kirin student Ria (Yoon Young-Ah).
And a 2PM trivia for you kpop noobies out there: Nickhun is the only member who did not audition for the group (he was scouted by Park Jin Young). 

Meanwhile, from the looks of these stills, friendship is growing between Miss Sushi and Hye Mi. I couldn't ask for more:

Oh wait. I believe I can. More Sam Dong x Hye Mi action pleaseee~

hellochloe is also saddened by the fact that there will be more Taecyeon x Baek Hee screen time. The writer is trying to establish a love line here but good luck in trying to make me buy it!
Must be true about what they say about your hair reflecting your personality. Baek Hee sure has a "mean streak".

Via Dream High's Official Website, Baidu's Dream High


  1. ROTFL at your comment about BH's hairstyle

  2. I'm not kidding I tell you, the stylist has to work harder if they expect me to like her anytime soon.

  3. Honestly, even though Nichkhun was scouted..i think its one of the least talented in 2pm..but he DOES have a pretty face..And Wooyoung is one of the talented ones <3

  4. OOOH strong words. I can't dispute nor agree since I'm not familiar with kpop. But I guess being the (seemingly) least talented in the group is not a bad thing, 'cause hey someone's gotta be it and since he made it to the grp that has to mean he's better than the thousands out there who didn't, right?

  5. omg cant wait till monday need to know hey SD and HM are using the school room?? arent they forbidden of that place?? what is it going to happen?? I saw a pics of Jason with pilsook sam dong and hye mi I think we can see a stronger friendship coming xD