Monday, January 24, 2011

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

Maybe I don't get haute couture, maybe they ran out of dresses at Prada but the whole thing (sans Ha Ji Won) made my eyes hurt. Gong Li (wonderful woman, bless her heart) looks like those mama pimps at the noraebang (don't believe me? Go check out IADD) with Maggie Cheung and Tang Wei looking like they went through a paper shredder. Actresses Ha Ji Won, Cecilia Cheung and Qing Xu faired better/escaped the shredders. 

The event was held through the evening on the 22nd January at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Chaoyang, Beijing. 

'kay, cover your eyes now:

Is it because Gong Li's getting older, hence the compulsary ahjumma hair?

Apparently not, as Tang Wei evidently showed with her Whoopi-do.

Maggie Cheung easily wins the Worst Dressed, hands down:

HK actress Cecillia Cheung giving us a deer-in-headlights look:

Chinese actress Qing Xu:

She looks familiar but I can't recall who it is:

Ha Ji Won. Her dress looks like the one she wore during the Party Kiss, no?

The dress Maggie Cheung wore:

Tang Wei's (the one in the middle):

The audience: 

All in all, a glamorous evening. 

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  1. The white shoulder wrap really made HJW stand out in the middle of the crowd... And well, her simplicity and beauty too.

  2. Agree with the comment above.

    I like HJW's outfit. It looks simple and elegant, complemented nicely by the shoulder wrap.

    Uh Gong Li.. I always think that she is one of the most beautiful woman in China. She should change her hair-stylist, like NOW!

  3. @sophie: I don't mean to be bias, but yeah, HJW ruled 'em all.

    @A: She still is, but eh...I dunno what happened. Maybe it's from the same person that did Maggie's and Tang Wei's godawful hair-do ~x(

  4. sorry but when i saw the first photo of tang wei, i thought it was a man in drag, then i moved down the photo and realized it was a woman.

    yes, gong li, what happened??? it seems she got a kick out of wearing that do though.

  5. HJW's makeup looks so pretty. - buhdoop

  6. with exclusion of Goddess Ha JiWon ;
    (in Director Park's voice) : WHY???????

  7. aa: LMAO. Add in a Is That The Best You Can Do? by the president *wink*