Friday, January 14, 2011

SG Bye Bye: A Collection of Memorabilia

(Updated!) and An Announcement: There will be a special edition episode of Secret Garden (probably BTS and whatnot) next Saturday (22/1/2011) at 9 P.M.

"All good things come to an end" - but not in kdramaland, I believe. Something that ends always means a beginning of another. I finally caught up with MP, and I'm happy to report: I like it. It's still the level of "like" not "love" though, but that's not the drama's fault, I attribute it to the absence of the Binnie factor.
I love Lee Seol - she's really a metaphor for the sun; such a sunny and nothing-will-bring-me-down disposition. SSH on the other hand, erm...I find no faults in him -he's the cute goodie two-shoes. Therefore, Street Smart vs. Straightlaced = OTP. 

Although...something's been bothering me. Why Mr. Hand Towel? I'm missing an inside joke here, or is it some idiom I'm unaware of?

Anyway, let's take a walk down memory lane....

This is my favorite pic, the three of them having such camaraderie. Must be nice climbing up the mountain in such a happy atmosphere.

Binnie writing his "You jump, I jump" letter...(notice the portable heater warming up his feet? Those are a live saver, I tell you. I would have freeze to death in Japan without 'em)

Binnie in casual tee and pants. Still managed to look sexy nonetheless.

Hey, didn't they had a similar post in some other BTS pic? XD

 Yoon Sang Hyun looks like he's game for a hockey match. 

 Every now and then, female 2nd leads get a worthwhile character instead of a display-on-shelf. Kim Sa Rang is lucky. Let's hope Park Ye Jin gets her worth in MP too. 

Sexy dance with Yoon Sang Hyun. Must be the nicest cameo to do - Baek Ji Young was right not to pass it up. 

Yoo Mi-jin, Hwaiting!
I felt that the previous snapshots of Yoo Mi-jin in the news article didn't do her justice. Here's a clearer picture of the woman behind Ha Ji Won's stunts.

The Awesomest Stickers In The World!
 Oooh! Binnie's passport~
Loved the addition of Cheshire cat there; and if SBS decides to make playing cards featuring Binnie as the King (and YSH as the Joker), I will buy it in a heartbeat.


  1. Thanks for all the photos! I love the behind the scenes ones.

  2. Chloe you need to watch East of Eden to know why SSH is Mr. Hand Towel. Though I never managed to watch this drama to the end. I kinda back-out after episode 50.

  3. thanks for that announcement Chloe! Yey, so SBS has been listening to the clamor of SG fans for longer BTS and most especially NG cuts! This is the only news article I found so far, no broadcast time here, but thanks to your tip of 9:00PM (KST?)

  4. @A: Can't you just tell meeee? Are you coaxing me to watch it? Sorry but based on what my parents told me (esp about the pregnancy and some gruesome details I promptly forgot), I won't be going near it anytime soon. I'd rather watch LIP on repeat (which isn't a chore, 'cause I rather enjoyed that show).

  5. @Chloe: check these explanations (comment # 12.2, 20.2, 20.3.1, and