Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hyun Bin Gets A Diamond-Studded Razor From Philips (and a SG event)

At first I thought the "diamond" in the headline meant some latest shaver gimmick that involves the use of industrial diamonds in razor blades (I would know 'cause my dad has one) but then common sense tells me no ordinary shaver would cost 30 million won (*approx 27 000 USD).

Which lead to the conclusion that the freaking razor must be studded with gems:
As the face for Philips' electric shaver, Hyun Bin received this diamond studded shaver at a gift ceremony that was conducted in a department store in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul at 1 PM. After the ceremony, a fan signing event was held and 50 lucky (SG) fans got to attend. 
Now, if only they'll give one to Ha Ji Won. Girls need their shavers too, ya'know?

Via TVDaily, Newsen

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  1. This electric shaver definitely got the swag. LOL. I wonder how it's like for guys to shave with a sparkly razor. This will make them look forward to shaving every morning. :D