Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Happy For Today: The Dream High Version

I can't believe it myself...but there you have it, something independent of SG that makes me happy nonetheless. A picspam of DH's on-site press conference: Showing my Sam Dong love!
Not to be outdone, Taecyeon busts into a move too:

Oh, stop it already, you two.

Two of my favorite men together:

From this angle you can really see Jason's mohawk, awe-some:
On Wooyoung, I think his acting is REALLY (really, really) wooden and he walks funny in the show, but ironically I LOVE him for it. One of the scenes that cracked me up the most in DH was during the Makjang 101 Class, where the teach asked them to imagine that they got just got married to their sweetheart, and Jason put on his Yesss! face. That was. really. priceless.

When the idol meets the actor... get The Cute!
At the rate I'm going, is it obvious which couple I'm shipping for?

I really hope K will comprise of these five individuals (sans Baek Hee, I want IU):

Eun Jung had a hard time navigating her way because of her short mini-skirt, but her being the awesome Eun Jung manages to pull it off looking graceful throughout the proceeding:
See what I mean by short? (Suzy's luckier her skirt was *slightly* longer)
That's where the blankets come in:
The only thing missing from the happy party is IU! Where is that girl?

Credits: Photos as tagged. 


  1. Wooyoung's interpretation of someone from America is, indeed, laughable~
    But hes still MY BABYY~ And i see youve laid your eyes on him..Dont make me bust out the stunt woman in me~ b-(

  2. I am holding him for altruistic purposes honey, am booking him for Miss Sushi. No ONE muddles with their relationship, hear me? Or you shall receive my Death By Tickling =))