Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer Kim On SG's Finale

First, A 'lil Cute Of The Day:
 Sigh. If only we could be woken up like this every morning.

Writer-nim: What? No extension?!
At SG's finale party that was held on the 16th in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, our beloved Writer Kim gave a toast and said in a jest, "I did not even receive a single proposal for an extension, (I) feel rather down." 

An individual that was present during that scene said, "Writer Kim was laughing as she said those words (that she was sad she didn't receive an extension proposal). Although I don't know where she really stands on this matter, but she must be joking, I think."

Since November of last year, the show has already set the no. of episodes it will air - twenty. In order to keep the no. of episodes within that target, towards the end the shooting the editing have been particularly rough, although it the finale did acheive an all-time high of 35.2%

However, despite the popularity of the show, the question was not whether there was going to be an extension or not, but rather it was the problem of the actor's availability.

During the production of the last episode of Secret Garden, there was a constant cacophony of noise on the set, which goes to show how busy the SG staff were in order to churn the episode out on time. Furthermore, Hyun Bin is cramped with work even after the finale - excluding his army enlistment on the 3rd of March. 

A related personnel mentioned, "The reason why the extension was brought up is because the show has left out many mysteries unsolved."

For example, the scream Joo Won heard in Jeju-do and Joo Won's sister inexplicable disappearance. Due to the rush to broadcast the last episode, these minute details were left out.

Meanwhile, Writer Kim is having some well deserved rest at Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Chloe Says: Haha, I'm pretty sure what was on the crew and the main actor's minds as she said those words were: "HELL NO! You kidding me? I wanna sleep!" LOL somewhere along those lines, me thinks.

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  1. As much as I loved the insane ride that was SG - sparkly track suits will never be the same again - I have had a hard time getting a sense of closure for this show, precisely because of all the open plot lines (I mean, JW's sister was an interesting character. Why introduce her?).

    I thought it was just me, but rewatching Kim Samsoon and City Hall again recently, I don't think so. Both these shows had closure, even if it wasn't 'happily ever after' entirely.

    I can understand wanting to avoid a flop and thus filming as live as possible, but it does seriously affect quality.

  2. For me the whole thing was a pretty good closure, EXCEPT for Director's storyline. Man, the more I think about it the more I'm pissed - but to be honest I didn't thought I cared so much about JW's sis until Sohn Ye Jin arrived. It's like they traded a star for chance of a real fleshed-and-bone story. Like trading money for love! (I may be overdoing it with the anology here, but still...)


  3. Oh Chloe, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a lingering SG fixation ;))

    If they want to do an extension, instead of a musical they could do a series of shorts with the Director and JW's sister - how she keeps accidentally bumping in to him, or him having to save her whenever they meet.