Friday, January 14, 2011

Secret Garden Finale

Another confirmation of a Happy Ending for the OTP; a mashup from two news articles: (Updated!)
Finalizing the finale's script: With two more episodes left to go, SBS's Secret Garden's writer Kim Eun Sook has chose the Happy Ending. Right now, the SG crew is in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, Paju and Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do shooting for the 19th Episode. It is tough on the crew as the filming is so close to a "LIVE" broadcast. 

Yesterday (12/1/2011), Secret Garden crew member revealed in a telephone interview: "The synopsis for the finale has finally came out today. In the meantime, there're various speculations on how things would end, but the final decision is to have all's well that end's well ending for the two leads. 

However, that person has declined to divulge further and has stressed that it is only the current outline and thus the content may change. 

Another source said, "Hyun Bin is filming while on an IV drip, even the usually lively Ha Ji Won is quiet. However, everyone is giving their best efforts for the show's finale in order to fulfill everyone's expectations".

Secret Garden's Episode 19 will feature the the process of JW the amnesiac slowly remembering about Ra Im.

On Location
Hyun Bin spotted in the morning, filming at D Spa Resort in Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (so I'm thinking, another half-naked Binnie? It should be a sauna/ hot springs scene -like the one the four of them had together).

Updated- D Spa Resort Resort was featured in Episode 5 that aired last month, when the OTP were in each other's bodies and the four of them went to the sauna. 

It's the first day of shooting for the 19th episode, the scene features a Hyun Bin who has lost all his memory after 21 trying to find it back (particularly the memories of him with Ra Im) - with the help of the beta couple, Oska and Seul. Together they went to that place, and in the process he remembers and fall in love with Ra Im all over again. 

In other words, it will be a Happy Ending. A crew member has revealed that the ending will be "comedy". The crew member said, "From the start of today's shooting, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won's romance will blossom again" and "Looking at the script today, the plot will not deviate much from the audiences' expectations."

Chloe Says: Eeek! I'm begrudging SG now -look what it has done to my Binnie. Two words: IV! Drip! 

Today's (14/1/2011) Update:
 The poster's msg: It looks like RI's glaring at the director (the one directing the Park Chae Rim movie in the first few episodes)

 Hmm... *squints eyes* is that who I think it is?

Via Chosun Ilbo, Baidu (Chi translation)


  1. thanks for the update chloe. have you read any news about the "crying babies?" are they really triplets or just twins? Oooooh cant wait for sat and sun, but then again i dont want the weekend to end!

  2. also chloe, have you seen any related news about this?

    it is something about 8th album of oska (and could become part of ost part 6). i hope you can give me some ideas about it. thanks much in advance!

  3. Binnie on IV drip? Oh no! I'd have prefer not to have had any episodes during the holiday season, so that the actors wouldn't be so exhausted!

  4. Good Lord, an IV drip. Seriously? Come on now production crew, can you let the man rest for 4 hours.

  5. Huhuhuh.i going to miss you alot SG. thank you for making my moment bliss in time of stress.

  6. You know, HJW should do a movie or drama as a woman detective or investigator. She has the kind of look, especially when she is looking serious.

  7. @A: She'll make a kick ass police! :X

  8. @Anonymous ..She Duelist.:). With another good-enough-to-eat-actor KangDongWon.