Monday, January 24, 2011

SG's Bed Scene: Behind-The-Scenes

[To mamajoni who wanted to know more about the bed scene, sorry to put a wet blanket to the steamy bed scene, but as a certain show said it best: You Asked For It -haha!]

You know, I've been thinking about SG's finale...and if I were to change one part it would be Sohn Ye Jin's cameo. This is pretty shocking for me too, as she's one of my fav kstars in the industry -and happy to see her doing fine, in fact hotter and wittier than she ever was in Personal Taste), but I was (irrationally) mad at her for taking away what could be Joo Won's sister and Action School's director's romantic development. Wouldn't it be better if, say, she wanted Ra Im to be her stuntwoman or her co-star instead? 

Instead, Jong Soo is now reduced to a flubbering idiot and sister is nowhere in sight. *Sigh* Don't mind me, just one of my many rants. Anyway, back to the bed/ implied sex scene:

Ha Ji Won talked about some things that were going on behind the camera in SBS's Secret Garden Special that broadcasted on the 22nd. In the program, she revealed, "The shooting schedule was very tight, resulting in a group of actors suffering from the lack of sleep." Which in turn resulted in a sleeping beauty err, Binnie. What was a "sweet love scene" to the audience was in fact a "sleeping scene" (refer to the pic above). Although Ha Ji Won was deeply in character, Hyun Bin already drifted off into Dreamland. 

She said: "In the scene I was required to open my eyes wide (as I was shocked), but as I was in deeply acting, Hyun Bin was by my side, sleeping."

According to ratings by AGB Nielsen Media Research, The Story Behind Secret Garden came up to 17.9%, the highest among programs that aired in the same period.

Via Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. so does that means he sleep so pretty :X :X :X

  2. Chloe! Thank you so much for this post, because I am so glad that I am NOT the only one to be pissed off by SYJ's cameo. That totally came out of nowhere...and in some way, a total waste of time.

    I needed CLOSURE between Director & badly. I mean, if Writer-nim didn't introduce this possible love relationship between them, I wouldn't care less. But to drop it completely after letting us have a glimpse of what it could such a major let down. Like some said on Baidu, the true Little Mermaid of SG is the sister! She disappeared in the last half.

    I love SG so much...yet this plot hole or whatever you call the only imperfection. *sigh*

  3. Hi Chloe, I missed commenting here. Thanks for the post-SG updates and insights into the BTS Special. As limited as the NGs shown in the Special, I had fun watching. It could have been a really nice fan service if they included a bit more, but I guess that would spoil the DVD version. It is something the fans would really look forward in the coming DVD production.

    Re Hee Won, JW sister. The unrealized romance between her and JS has been explained quite logically at soompi. It would be too much for the Sea Witch to take that both of her precious children are in love with 'Action Actors.' But, I was expecting to see her in Oska's Concert, at least. Remember in EP1, she declared that she is a fan of Oska and that she has stake on his career? So it was such a surprise to just drop her like that, given the opportunity such as that concert as her re-appearance.

  4. @Anonymous: Heh, yeah Sleeping Beauty indeed.

    @puion: Then again, at least the two main couples escaped unscathed. So we really should count our blessings. The writer may have forgotten sis, but at least us Gardeners have her in our hearts.

    @jeezvive: Eh...I don't buy it. So JW sis deliberately STAYED AWAY? Nah, the writer either:
    A) Forgot about her development (i.e. too carried away with the rest -that's what happen to the supporting characters at Pasta)
    B) Had no time for her

    Sigh, if this were a jdrama I can take heart that it will have a special someday.