Thursday, January 27, 2011

SG Gets A Special (again?)

We're Lying There Just Like A Line - Yozoh (feat. Lee Sang Soon)
A certain friend at Baidu said it best: "Long live SG!" Not to be confused with the previous one that came out on Saturday, this special will be coming out in time for the Lunar New Year. A quick check at the Chinese calendar (yes, us Chinese have a special calendar of our own) shows that it will be on the 2nd day of CNY. No time details have been announced yet. Schedule is as follows:

Secret Garden Spring Series will be airing on the 4th of February in two parts: 
Part I at 14:00*
Part II at 15:20*
*All time quoted in KST. The whole broadcast is approx 2 and a half hours, from 2.00-4.40 PM.

Meanwhile, more stills have been released:

Oh, so it wasn't Ha Ji Won holding his hand. It's some lucky gal:

Hold my hand, oppa!

YSH oppa is also here:

Hot! *fans self*

Via SBS's Secret Garden Official Website


  1. No way! (in a good way)

    I wonder what this special would be about. More NGs, perhaps?

  2. I hope that they will show some new stuff in this special. IMHO, the top 10 scenes and the awards presentations for the last special are pretty boring. I do like the interviews with the actors and the BTS and NG. I hope they show some more BTS and scenes that have been chopped from the drama. Or are they reserving those for the director's cut dvd?

  3. I am DOWN! I wanted to understand mroe of the BTS and NGs, but they werent in the special.

    BTW, Baidu's Tieba's format is soooo confusing..i have like NO IDEA how to navigate arnd there! And everytime someone shares something, they're all "Leave your email, i'll send it to you"..why cant they just share it like in the forums? lol..i rant.

  4. @Everyone: My dream special would be, scenes from the celebration dinner and maybe some Lunar New Year wishes. That would be daebak:D

    Yeah I think those precious NGs were reserved for the sacred DVD. This maybe the first time I will ever buy one since Goong (I am a Goong manhwa nut).