Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Serious Crime Squad Goes Shooting (that is, the poster kind)

What's after Dream High, you ask? The answer is bittersweet: A Song Il Gook and Kim Seung Woo drama (though personally, thinking about the end of DH puts me into a depressed mode. *Sigh* Need to go huntin' for crack again...the cycle that never ends). 

The main cast went poster shooting at 4.30 PM on the 25th (i.e. yesterday) in Yeouido Park, Seoul. Everybody looks smart in their uniforms, excluding Song Il Gook, who's a detective and therefore in plain clothes. 

The youngest cast member of the lot, T-Max rapper Kim Joon plays Shin Dong-jin, a very unique character.  Although he's dashing on the outside, with a wealthy family background and possesses a quick and agile mind, he's surprisingly faint-hearted and faints at the sight of a corpse (Heh. This is worst offence than puking). He falls in love at first sight with a female reporter, and with rival Se-hyuk (played by Song Il Gook), a love triangle ensues. 
Serious Crime Squad stars Kim Joon, Song Il Gook, Kim Seung Woo, Sunwoo Sun and Park Sun-young and will follow after Dream High, premiering on February 28th. 

Sunwoo Sun (Queen of Housewives, Will It Snow For Christmas):

Kim Seung Woo ( How To Meet The Perfect Neighbour, Iris, Athena)

Song Il Gook (Jumong, A Man Called God)

Via Chosun Ilbo


  1. Yay i am so excited for this

  2. Oh I can tell you like crime solving stuff, don't you? You must've watched a million of detective j-doramas;))

  3. Haha yes i do. I've seen so much crime solving show that i actually lost count

  4. Oooh you must have watched a j-dorama about the kind-like-a-Buddha detective. Whatsit call again, the one with Nishikado Ryo *googles* ah yes, JOKER. That was my latest j-drama detective crack, got any latest recommendations? Haven't been watching j-doramas since that...

  5. Even though i love Ryo i haven't seen JOKER. I am actually watching Shinzanmono now. I am going to watch Deka Wanko next since i read the manga before. Another is Lady-Saigo no Profiling but it wasn't that good for me so i am not sure if u will like it.

  6. Googled Deka Wanko, and erm, the whole smelling-detective thing sounds too kinky for me; I'll probably check out the manga first -since it's from the same author as the renowned Gokusen .

    OH MY GOODNESS! Love Kaname Jun. Checked out trailer, dunno whether this profiler storyline is going to work. May just tune in for the eye candy factor.

  7. Yea the smelling thing is weird but the story is fun & the characters are good.

    I love Kaname Jun too that's why i checked out the show but i really want him in a lead role.