Friday, January 14, 2011

SG Rumor Mill

Honestly, I'm not even surprised there's this speculation, dunno know why it's compulsory to have this speculation pop up towards the end in every kdrama. I'll be more surprised if they actually have one.

Joo Won and Ra Im's wedding scene

Joo Won having amnesia and stuck in his 21-year-old memory, remembers the incident with Ra Im's dad in the elevator and decides to protect Ra Im and stay by her side. But whether or not there will be a beautiful wedding march is still unknown. 
It is speculated that Hyun Bin's love scene will melt the hearts of female fans. The previous "Bubble Kiss", "Party Kiss" and variety of other kisses made the audience go wild, and it is hoped that the finale will have a even more romantic scene!

Moreover, the efficacious incomparable Ah Young has another dream message to tell, audience prick up their ears to listen. She says, "The children are crying" sparked endless curiosity. And recently, the news of SG crew looking for child actors further fueled the rumors. Another TV personnel related, "Ah Young's dream does not imply a sad reality, it feels like a happy ending."

A staff member said, "The script for the finale (Episode 20) will only come out on the 14th, and in order to prevent leaks it will only be distributed to the actors, so we have not read them."

Baby Bump Spotted!
Hopefully this will make you laugh out loud like I did:

The Happy Ending
This is for you Jeezvive, since you wanted to know...

On the 13th, a blog has written about this ending from the information provided by the production staff:

Through the help of Oska, Joo Won's memory recovers and despite mom's objections, they secretly marry. Oska and his lover become their witness. 

The best outcome of SG is that they become the parents of triplets. Oska and Secretary Kim also has their own happy ending. Oska proposes on stage. Sec Kim and Ah Young continues dating, looking forward towards a lovely future ahead.

Via naver, Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans and stills)


  1. Speaking of the party kiss:

    behind the scenes SG kiss:

  2. Well in the preview in the scene where Ay tells Ri-am something she is looking down towards her mid-section so the "rumor" might be true!!!!

  3. ...Or maybe Ah Young just didn't know how to tell her friend that she's getting plump. Hah!

  4. Oh chloe you are a dear angel! Thank you!

  5. I'm not too fan of the idea of twins or triplets (for different reasons, but not because I have something against twins or multiples). But seeing a mini-JW or mini_RI would be kawaii!

  6. @Jeezvive: LOL I'm no angel, believe me ;)

    @sophie: Lemme guess, is it because of the double/triple noise and the amount of diapers?

  7. When I hear twins or multiples, I usually think of families in which multiples run or of infertility issues. But I know it's not always the case. RI and JW don't seem to come from a big family, and I don't want them to have infertility issues. Seeing them having triplets would just seem unusual, even if it's realistically possible. But hey, it's a fantasy drama, anything can happen ;-) I'm overthinking this ;-)

  8. "Oska and his lover become their witness. " :-/

    It could be that Seul won't be his lover? :-o

    Maybe... It's TaeSun!!! ;))

    Or Maybe ... someone we don't know it yet and a popular actress will make a cameo as his lover ;;)

    Can't wait to watch !!!

  9. No way!!! Don't break my heart, Oska!