Friday, January 21, 2011

Miss A Visits Suzy On The Set Of DH

[Announcement: For next week's Episode 8's broadcast, it will be deferred to the following week. Thanks to 22 sane adults chasing after a ball. It's KBS2's turn to air the soccer match, you see.]

In my noob-ier days, I would have thought that an individual was coming to visit. But hmmph, now I know better, it would be Suzy's *three* team members.
I must say this kdrama-catching up week has been pure bliss for me, at first it was meh (didn't help that SG ended), but right now AT THIS MOMENT, it is bliss. Episode 14 of IADD is daebak, am so glad I didn't abandon thee, Show. Nearly did but then I would have missed Jin Goo's telling of his life story to wifey. O, I cried. How he humbled himself in front of the woman he loved. 

The girls share some hugs.

Dream High, from Episode 2 onwards I knew I was high (time to update the 'lil pictures on my blog). And it's heartbreakingly clear to me that my Sam Dong never stood a chance. *Sob* This is the way of kdramas, they can be so cruel. I guess SD can be K as a consolation. Havta say the weakest link of the story right now is Baek Hee's - I'm invested in everyone's except for her's. Maybe it's because I'm only in the 3rd episode right now, so perhaps I would empathize with her sorta baddie character. Maybe.

Miss A came to the set on the 18th for a surprise visit and needless to say Suzy was the happiest. But Miss A did not forget to cheer for the other cast members and crew as well. Although the DH crew were busy, they did "sneak in" some moments and chatted with Miss A's members, and the set is filled with laughter. 

Eh, I just found out that Wooyoung and Taecyeon are bandmates. Sigh, I'm still a noob. 


  1. Eh, I just found out that Wooyoung and Taecyeon are bandmates. Sigh, I'm still a noob.

    You and me both : ). I am doing my Youtube marathon these days. And I am in love with 2PM right now. I am so loving these kids. Seriously these kids can dance.....

    Wooyoung is so charming in real life. Please watch 2PM interview in Happy Together. These boys are killing me. Taec, i am so sorry i ignored you completely in Cinderella Sister. This noona will make up for it. I can see him reaching the height of Eric, YSH....

  2. Right on! I think they have already reach those heights my dear, it's just that I'm such an old school kdramafan (if there's such a thing) and I was blissfully unaware of the idol phenomenon FOR YEARS. If you asked me to name an idol then, I wouldn't even be able to churn out one :((

    I don't know much 'bout the kpop scene but I'm learning something new everyday. :-/ Haha, it's fun!

  3. I finally caught up with DH's episode, and... I like it (although I still think of SG)! I *might* like it more than MP actually, but I'm still behind with MP.

    The couple I'm rooting the most is Jason and Pil-sook. So cute! I'm not sure why, but at the beginning (at the audition scene), Jason reminded me of Vanness Wu (then I think of Autumn Concerto!).

  4. Yee-hah! Jason's still clueless, but I'm cheering on Pil Sook, "Don't give up! Hwaiting!" etc. To Jason: "Don't break her 'lil heart!"

  5. Actually, Wooyoung is a serious one in real life (so his fellow members say)but on variety shows, he does his part well to be funneh. LOVE HIMMM..and his cheeks when he used to have them.

    If you guys have time, watch WILD BUNNY...because I fell in love with Wooyoung there....hes the most adorable thing EVRRR.
    It kinda funny to me that hes the "It-Guy" in DH with girls liking him..but he was never like that in 2pm...

  6. @ilikehim: Funny, but I did not think otherwise.; He does look serious in the show (to be exact, not really serious, but more of the quiet and thoughtful type? - except for his stage presence, of course).