Monday, January 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Ep. 5

It's sad that I'm actually making an effort to move on - I had a teeny bit feeling that I'm convincing myself I like this more than I actually do (which is not to say that I don't, it's just that if I were to compare my affections for a certain kdrama...). At the risk of sounding like Katy Perry: Comparisons are easily done; once you've had the taste of perfection. Eh, why do I sound so heartbroken...
But one thing I genuinely like is the OST - It's an eclectic mix of pop and indie, which I enjoyed very, very much. 4Minute and BEAST (Lee Ki Kwang, the next noona killer!) contributes to the pop, with Lucite Tokki and Every Single Day on the indie. I have never really warmed up to Lucite Tokki, but I lurvvve Every Single Day! If they sound familiar, yep it's because you've probably heard of Lucky Day for Pasta's OST.

Spoiler In Words
Lee Seol marvels at the majestic splendors of the palace as they unfold before her. In the palace, her mom reunites with her daughter who's about to become a princess. Tears were shed and hugs were exchanged. 

However, things are not going so well for Hae Young. He is under surveillance and receiving much public attention due to his newfound status as "the third generation chaebol who's in love with the princess". To rub salt to his wounds, he is asked to suspend his duties!

Meanwhile, at the same time Lee Seol enters into the palace, Hae Young's grandfather instructs for the speedier restoration of the monarchy and Yoon Ju requests that she'll be made the head of the Daehan Group. 

Credits: Baidu's My Princess stills. 


  1. You know, I'm feeling the same way as you do, Chloe...

    But thank you for all the updates and the MP spoiler!

  2. Who ISNT suffering frm withdrawal frm a certain kdrama? *cough*SecretGarden*cough*
    I think its the best Ive seen since You're Beautiful and that was 2009..guess i'll have wait for another 1 yr for another kdrama that can hook me like SG of this yr...My Princess just aint doing it for me...

  3. Me too don't find MP addicting... don't know why! I think SG has ruined me... :(

  4. @ilikehim: It wasn't even bad for YAB since the last two episodes were a letdowner, so I moved on relatively easy. But SG! It was perfect! The last episode :X :X :X