Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SG Updates


I thought I've turned jaded after my Taiwan trip. My SG friends were telling me, "Prepare to cry your eyes out for 17 and 18!" and I was like, "Where? When?" Is there something wrong with my tear ducts? I was extremely annoyed with the first half of episode 17 - enough with the Evil Mama and the victimized daughter-in-law, please. I was NOT impressed to say the least. But as soon as I was being smug over my newfound crybaby-no-more status, tears started to flow (more like gushed out) like a dam broken.

Second half was sooo sad - I can't remember why though, but how can I not when Binnie is crying? And then, after what seems like an enternity of melo and I was totally dehydrated, a 21-year-old Joo Won came. I never thought I would come to love amnesia story lines, but The Tracksuit came back. Hallelujah (and bye bye nasty purple lace)! 

Newsbites #9: Cyworld snapshots and SG official website goodies:

Secretary Kim ushering the Year of the Rabbit (o^__^o)

Not losing in cute factor is Joo Won's and Ra Im's:

Newsbites #8: Ha Ji Won's gift to SG's crew. Down coats and shoes for the freezing staff.

Newsbites #7: Did you know? (I wouldn't, 'cause I have yet to watch MP). The house featured in MP and SG is one and the same - one as Hae-young's grandfather's house and the other as Joo Won's mom's.

Newsbites #6: A Myoo necklace for the more practical people who thinks stuff toys are a waste of money. 
Made from silver plated platinum and studded with man-made diamonds, this pendant is selling like hot cakes. An official from the jewelry company said, "The success from this Secret Garden merchandise has made us consider a  whole new direction for the company. In the future we will continue to produce more drama related products."

Newsbites #5: Taken on location, two days ago (10/1/2011). 
Scene: Joo Won visits Ra Im's dad
Location: Charnel house

Newsbites #4: A message from Ha Ji Won on the finale:
"It's so cold here on the filming location, brrrr~ㅜㅜ        Not only Jiwon-nim, but the whole cast and crew members are working hard till the end for the finale. How will the end turn out...??? Everyone, please be careful and not come down with a cold~"

Newsbites #3: Technically, it's no news, but it's too pretty not to share. Does Binnie have a sister? If he does, I bet she's real purty...
Joo Won's ideals fantasies, featuring:
Sexy Urban Woman; Intellectual Woman

The daughter from the family of the Top 30 rich list; A cute girl below the age of 24.
Hate to say this, but I think he's even more beautiful and cuter than Ha Ji Won, heh.

Newsbites #2: The letter Jo Won wrote to the brain dead Ra Im on January 8th's broadcast. Joo Won wrote:
 "The window I stood by, you stand by. 
 The bed I lied on, you lay on it.
The books that I read, if you read them...
If we can be together like that,
even if it's only to this degree;
Let's just say we did those (things) together, 
that way we're as happy as any other couple."

In this BTS photo, Hyun Bin is seen wearing a red down jacket, diligently practicing his letter, stroke by stroke.

Newsbites #1: Beta couple goes public. More (but not clearer) photos of them dating in Myeong-dong. 

 Kim Sa Rang being bashful...

Via Cyworld, SBS TV SG's Official Website, TVDaily, Chosun Ilbo, Baidu (Chi trans)


  1. Cheloeee you're baaaaaaaaack :)) :)).. welcome back I really miss you .. you know that you have this quality of happily delivering spoilers and news in an interesting way .. not everyone can do that believe me .. so glad you're back and happy to hear you had a good time in Taiwan .. thank you for the spoilers once again and O MY GOD dating in public .. ahhhh I just love the idea

  2. Thanks for these chloe! Im giggling with so much glee that our beta couple will have a happy ending after all. despite the so numerous spoilers floating around, i cant rest until i have seen proof of this promise by writer-nim of a happy ending for everybody!

  3. @Anonymous: Thanks for the warm welcome dear, it's nice to be back. The last few days in Taiwan were just too cold for my liking, brrr...

    @Jeezvive: Yeah, I feel you there. I need proof (in pictures, preferably).

  4. Welcome back. I really enjoy your post about your trip to Taiwan. Seem like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for SG update too. I am soooooooooo addicted to SG. It's like drug. Can't believe it gonna end this weekend. Kinda sad but I do wanna know what happen at the end too.

  5. Chloe, where did u get the photos of Hyun Bin superimposed onto Ha Ji Won's face? that's a classic!

  6. @A: Pretty neat huh? The source is Chosun Ilbo, the chinese edition.

  7. ohhhh u'r finally back my dear all along with ur spoilers , was missing both u and them
    I also didn't cry for RI becoz I felt she deserved all he sadness she had since she didn't want to have faith in JW and tell him that his mum visited him again
    but as soon as JW start to cry for his Lime ah I couldn't stop myself :(
    feeling sad since the show is about to end :(

  8. Thx. I can't believe it's ending this coming weekend.... I think out of all the dramas i've seen in 2010, SG is the best one overall. Acting is fantastic and although it's a fantasy the story development and the dialogue is well constructed.

  9. Waaa...I'm so happy for Oska and Seul!!
    I want to see them happy too :)
    They are so cute !!
    Can't wait for the 2 last episodes !!

  10. @A: I think so too and it's about high time I got fanatical about a kdrama too -can't remember the last time I did that.

    @jessika: Yeah, me very happy the two got their happiness too, can you tell? :X

  11. Chloe, thanks for all the updates! So glad you are always provide us with these goodies!!! Such love!

    I am so shipping Oska/Seul...they just look so beautiful together!