Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer Kim On My Princess (And hellochloe on Dream High)

SG's writer, Kim Eun Sook cheers for MBC's My Princess.
The four main actor's collective signatures.

She has tweeted recently on the 23rd at 7.00 PM: 
"My Princess is the work of one of my most cherished hoobae. I'm now serving coffee for this hoobae. Hope you guys have a fun time watching."
The hoobae she is talking about is her assistant writer way back from her Lovers In Paris, Lovers and On Air days, among other works.


A fan has also asked her on her next project after Secret Garden. To which she gave a sneaky and interesting reply:

"You guys, really! It has only been a week since my show ended. Right now I just want to be with the general public and enjoy watching dramas. My Princess...they say this show is very interesting?"
Okay we get your message loud and clear Writer-nim. Stop hovering like a lovesick idiot over SG and move to MP, you say? I don't know but I'm kinda dreaming more about Dream High recently. 
Park Jin Young and his idols from JYP? (I have no idea who they are)

I love everyone there (sans Baek Hee, I still hate you): From the teachers, Jin Man that wacko fella (who could tell he's really a corporate figure, the man behind JYP Entertainment? He should have been acting all along, I say) and the father figure to the children, Oh Hyuk (he should be getting some lovin' soon: the Popular Teacher has something for him, me thinks). 

And how can one forget the main trio: Sam Dong, Jin Gook and Hye Mi. Boy this will be the toughest love triangle ever since Marry Me, MaryWhat Happened In Bali.  
Ms. Sushi, IU has made me a real fan. You can tell this girl's got real talent, not the idol cultivated kind. I see her going places. 
And this maybe the only show I'm not holding a grudge against for not showing a preview afterwards. I was practically drooling over Jason's performance/ practice in the dance room (Episode 6's ending).

See what I mean by loving everyone? All I'm saying is, MP's got tough competition, hehe.


  1. ps: the idol who took pictures with JYP are 2PM & 2AM boys!!! :)
    Don't ask me their exact name though, but their faces are very familiar, and they are quite famous :) (in Korea)

  2. the one on the left is seulong. he's the only one i can recognize.

  3. Hehehe...I thought he looked like Seulong. So he REALLY is. He was quite wasted in Personal Taste, hope for a better role for him if he plans to do some acting gig again.

  4. I read somewhere that the writer for SG was also co writing with another writer for my princess. I guess that's not the case then?

  5. The idols in the pic with JYP from left: Seulong (2AM), Jinwoon (2AM) and Junsu (2PM). I can't believe I'm saying this, but JYP is endearing as Jin Man, despite his gorilla look. Keke..

  6. @sehseh: Oh, I hate to play favorites but aigoo this man drives me crazy, he's such a cool teacher~ Wave dance and all.