Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What will our Binnie look like 20 years later?

He'll age gracefully, that's what. This is too cute not to share: it seems like Binnie's fans are having fun at the expense of two actors. Which veteran in the k-entertainment industry do you think they posted up? C'mon, use your imagination...
It's actor Lee Dong-jun (no, not the basketball player), best known for his work in 1992's Bihwang:
 Eh, not convinced? Here, a pic by pic:

Gosh, talk about a doppelganger. This resemblance can match my Kimutaku x Yoon Sang Hyun connection. 

Via Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. :)) this is too funny! Now it's making sense when people said to me,"your dad was actually very good looking when he was young." So Binnie's children will hear this too LOLS!

  2. Ehhhh you're saying your dad is not now? I thought Old Binnie still looks kinda dashing, no? It's the same smile and dimples ;))

  3. What's interesting is the assumption that Binnie will gain weight as he ages.......Still a great looking middle aged man.

  4. Oh don't get me wrong dear Chloe! :D The "Old Binnie" is looking great! :) And you're right about the copy of dimples and smile! I also amazed with their similarity!

    But sometimes I just can't imagine how my great looking binnie will become aging and having my dad's hairstyle LOLS! My dad? he is good looking but hehehe...mebbe just me who has different perception of "good looking" when come to older generation :P