Monday, January 24, 2011

A Joint Binnie and Song Hye Kyo News

[To Anonymous: Apparently Binnie did mention SHK on Taxi, so you can be rest assured (or not?). He frankly admitted on the show that "he is dating someone". ] You know I love my mash-ups, it saves space and (your) effort too! Tell me, who doesn't love a 2-in-1 news? 

Song Hye Kyo releases photo book
Song Hye Kyo return to her fans with breathtaking photos. With the world as her backdrop (featuring her world travels/work), her photobook Moment, Song Hye Kyo will be released on the 28th. 

This photo album holds holds a special significance in many ways. It is not a simple photo collection, but a formal photobook (and the difference is...more pictures?). Song Hye Kyo is the first actress who has come up with a photobook. Previously, male actors' photobooks that became bestsellers include Bae Yong Jun and So Ji Sub. 

Proceeds from the sales will be donated to UNICEF. This limited edition book is only restricted to 2000 copies, and half of it is already booked for overseas. 

After her drama with current boyfriend, Hyun Bin on 2008's The World That They Lived In, she has rarely appeared, be it variety shows or in public. This has lead to all kind of speculations. 

But that does not mean she's not working on anything. She has been dabbling in small-scaled experimental work, establishing her worth as a "serious" actress. One of her movies, Camellia has been featured in Pusan International Film Festival last year and she has been working alongside Kang Dong Won in Love For Sale. She has also participated in international projects such as America's independent film, Fetish and renowned director Wong Kar-wai's The Grand Master. For the projects she has been travelling overseas for months at times. Among them being the Netherlands, Paris, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Patagonia - the southernmost portion of South America, Brazil, Atlanta and New York.

Wowza. She has been busy. 

Hyun Bin To Enlist on the 7th of March
A person from the Marines administration has confirmed on the 19th: "Hyun Bin has been admitted." Another senior officer said that he performed well in his physical test. But first he has to undergo basic training for 5 weeks starting on the 7th before being officially admitted to the Marines. 

Trivia: Did you know? Comedian/singer Lee Jung is a full-fledge Marine. 
Eh, I need a moment to digest this. I'm so used to seeing him with his Gag Team 3 members - Country Kko Kko's Shin Jung Hwan (a.k.a. Chicken Legs) and Koyote's Kim Jong Min (a.k.a. Loser Who Always Gets Dumped By The Girls) that it's hard to see him as a manly man. He tweeted his orchid calligraphy art recently (this reminds me of a drama, was it in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang? *scratch head*):
Lee Jung Hee, or better known as Lee Jung, enlisted in October 2008 and completed his service in August last year. Salute! 


  1. that photo angle of SHK looks like she's mixed race. I can see Vietnamese in her.

  2. I'm going to miss my Binnie very much .
    i wanna see SHK in an other drama , I didn't watch her in world withing but LOOOOVED her in fullhouse which I recently watched , she's cute

  3. @Anonymous: Wow...Full House was pretty long time ago. Do you mean you recently rewatch it? I recently caught up with an oldie too - took me many years but I finally finished Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. It's daebak, and from what I've seen it's Han Chae Young's best role to date.

  4. Wow thanks for the news chloe! I love this couple as much as I like their drama, tho' some people said it is a boring show :). I like the story! I watched it before I knew they were together :D.

    Hope the best for both of them. Really not easy maintain the relationship in this industry.

    I love the way HB immediate answer in Taxi about him dating someone even he asked why ? after being asked why not answering "kimmsuhamoo...." :D . So it means he's really protecting his someone ....;)

  5. @Arciliata: You're welcome, dear. My best wishes to the couple too it must be tough dating long distance *sigh*

    My next wish is to have SHK move to the small screen to do a drama daebak drama like Binnie's. I know she has been busy but to me kstars only exist in dramas - I don't really catch film or variety shows, so if they don't appear in dramas, they're non existent to me. Sad, but true :(

  6. I already know abt Binnie and Song Hye Kyo couple BEFORE i watch SG, but now that i am shipping JooWon&RaIm HARD, it kills me a lil inside everytime i see mention of them together.

    Binnie will be back in 2 year..when i am 22, TWENTY TWO! OLD..and he probably wont do Rom-Com no mo when hes back...thats how they are after MS, sicne they "matured"...