Friday, January 21, 2011

Love Knows No Strangers: In Preparation For Late Autumn

Gardeners, does Binnie's pose seems familiar to you?

Eh, I just (belatedly) realize something. Since this is a kmovie, does that mean that Tang Wei's lines will be subbed? Oh wait, that wouldn't be necessary since their real-life nationalities is retain for the movie. Movies of this genre and style is usually a "I won't talk much" movie, where it's mostly emotive and they'll speak English only when necessary (alas, we won't get to hear Binnie's lovely voice). This formula did work well for Japan's Waiting In The Dark, where circumstances prevent them from having the need to speak to each other (she's blind and he's a fugitive seeking shelter in her house. Without her knowing).

And since Binnie and Tang Wei obviously speak different languages, it's even more important they get along together well in order to have a great on-screen chemistry. And that's what they both did - two months prior to the shooting, they stayed in Seattle in an effort to get to know each other better. At first it was Director Kim alone who wanted to go to Seattle for the script altering, but in the end the three of them end up going together. 

After the director finishes his work in the evening, the trio would discuss the movie and their understanding on the roles. Director Kim expressed his gratitude to both of the actors, he said: "Tang Wei's a great person, and also a very good actress. On which angle the roles should take, this issue has been discussed many times, the thing I'm most grateful for is their complete trust in me. Hyun Bin did a good job in his interpretation of an unfamiliar role. He gave the role a lot of thought, some of the thoughts were far beyond the person of his age would think, I was very surprised."

Late Autumn tells the story of Anna and Hoon, from strangers to lovers. She's on parole from her seven-year prison term and he's a fugitive. Bummer, at best it will be one of those hopeful endings, where they'll meet again after both of them finish their respective prison sentence (if this was a jmovie, I can guarantee you Hoon would willingly surrender himself to the police in the end). 


  1. They shot this in Seattle?!? woah.. I'm heading there in May/June this year... definitely gotta watch this before I go!!! Hyun Bin plays a fugitive in this movie? I can't believe there's such a handsome fugitive... running from all his fans, eh? =)
    Thanks for the news! LOVED Secret Garden!!!

  2. HAHAHA to be more specific, running from SG fans:D