Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: IADD Ep 17 & 18

Ahhh I absolutely hate it when I'm falling behind dramas, but it's sort of lucky they extended two more episodes for this show - now I can personally bid it goodbye, I'm still falling behind due to my Taiwan trip but I plan to catch up this weekend. 

I forgot which Melo Breeze (I think it was the ending theme for Smile, You) song the Afro dude sang badly, but I remember LOL-ing so hard at that scene. 

Vis a Vis - Melo Breeze 

Episode 16's SIW
After Se Yeon returns home, Jin Goo's family prepares food to send to Hyuk Gi's hideout. Due to Jong Suk's threatening call, Daddy Eun and the whole family is extremely nervous; Daddy Eun then follows Jin Goo's dad advice and decides to go to the hospital.

Jong Suk continues to avoid responsibility, which frustrates his father to no end (hc: hate to tell you this dad, but you've raised a sociopath). In the meantime, Byung Chun's testimony further confirms Jong Suk's guilt. The Wook Gi filled with anger wants to bash Jong Suk up, but Hyuk Gi advises him against it. He is confidently preparing for the next court session. 
In the end Jong Suk is sent to the police due to his involvement in the hit-and-run case. Chae Ryung's mom and Man Soo is also able to return home now. 

Episode 17's SIW
It's the start of the second trial, and Byung Chun and Jin Goo's dad stand as witnesses. Due to the their testimony and the lack of evidence to convict Daddy Eun as the killer of Duk Gi, the verdict was that Daddy Eun was innocent and acted in self-defense. 

Jong Suk was also found not guilty due to insufficient evidence, but because he forged documents and ran away from the scene of the crime, he was thereby sentence a year behind bars (WHAT?!! A paltry one year for ending someone's life?! There's no justice in the world I tell you)
After the verdict, Hyuk Gi prepares for his judicial examination while Chae Ryung who has been working in the cafe is sent to the China branch. Just like that, the two who are working hard towards their goals are separated for 4 years... 

Credits: Imzi @ soompi for the HD stills.


  1. I think the song was "Bye Bye" by Melo'Breeze. I never ended up finishing Smile, You, but I was happy that I watched enough to get the reference =]
    Thank you for all the spoilers! I always tell myself I shouldn't read them but just watch the episodes...but I always end up coming back for more =]

  2. Oh yeah how could I forget his "lovely" crooning of "annyong sarang~" hahaha