Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream High Updates (and it ain't looking good)

...and Pil Sook becomes skinny (never mind that she looks skinner than Hye Mi)! It's just in time for Jason's addition to the class. But, something is obviously missing. Misfit Mania's status quo is still maintained at 4 members. Where's our Jin Gook-sshi?

Oh dear. Do you think he's transferred to the Popular Class? Oh boy oh boy I'm incoherent at the thought of it. Everyone is just hateful there. Put it this way, I like Baek Hee the most out of everyone in Pop Class (and that should tell ya something). The thought of seeing more of Jo In Sung and his wannabe Jun-pyo hair... ***depressed***
But what's for sure is there will be more BH x Jin Gook screentime. According to Eun Jung in BTS interview: Jin Gook will repeatedly end up with Baek Hee through circumstances that forces them together. ***doubly depressed***
On Jason & Ms. Sushi coupling, I wonder how Jason will reply to Pil-sook's confession? It seemed mean from the previews but honestly I think that was just an editing trick (i.e that he wasn't talking about/to her and she misunderstood). 
But if he really was mean...***triply depressed***
...I'm gonna kick his Popular Boy butt!

Via Baidu's Dream High


  1. I can't wait for the next episode of DH!

  2. Gahh Wooyoung is sooo cute even frm the back~

    I really hate this whole misunderstanding thing! they are the worst in Kdramas! I bet this is why JinGook loses his chance with HyeMi even though she has feeling for him before having feeling SamDong (if ever)!

  3. Baek Hee annoy the hell of me. It was painful watching Gook-ah Gook-ah Scene. I am not ready for more BH-JG paring. I have not gotten over those Magical HM-JG Scene. That was the sole reason i was drawn to this drama.

    Please show, don't make me have second thought about my love for JG character. Damn i just fall in love with Taech.

    HM-JG Fighting....

  4. @sophie: Agree, can't wait as well.

    @ilikehim: Wooyoung is cute in ALL angles, period;)

    You'll be glad to know Big Misunderstandings has toned down quite a bit these days, it use to be so much worse during the oldies (circa Winter Sonata period.

    @Emeldy: Ohhhh bring it on I'm on Sam Dong's ship (but from the beginning I have predicted that we'll end up with MiGook, if this show follows the OTP storyline trend in kdramas). That what makes my Sam Dong even more pitiful, uhuhu...:((

  5. @ilikehim: HAHA, the gif is hilarious. :) I'm one of the few teenagers that really have no knowledge about K-Pop Idols (I prefer the older generation actors/actresses)... but I've been enlightened these days... and no harm learning something new. ;)