Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Memory Of Joo Won's Accident

The OTP may be together now, but the show is by no means less addictive or even the slightest bit anticlimatic. Sure, some of it has been revealed, but the accident is still shrouded in mystery. By the end of Episode 16, I positively feel like throttling someone. 
EVERYONE knows (except for the OTP o'course) but WHY oh why won't anyone talk? It's driving me crazy. What made a 21-year-old Joo Won so traumatized he chose to forget for the past twelve years? How exactly did RI's dad died? [SPOILERS AHEAD]

I'm sorry for the lack of imagination from my part (err, no. Not spoiler yet), but when one speak of Elevator Accidents, I'm thinking about Final Destination body-sliced-into-two-pieces type of death. Head-snapped-off-by-the-elevator-door also comes into mind. 

Damn. I might just use the escalators from now on. 

A broody song to accompany this depressing spoiler:
Temptation - Moby feat. Laura Dawn

Twelve years ago...
In order to protect her inheritance, JW's mom dismisses her secretary, who has been like a family to her. The secretary bore a grudge and plans revenge on her son. That time, Joo Won has just arrived back to Korea, the secretary traps JW into an elevator and sets fire to the building. 

The fire department receives the alarm and deployed the fireman crew to the location. RI's dad manages to rescue Joo Won, but unfortunately he couldn't escape the fire engulfed building. Ra Im's dad died in exchange for Joo Won's life (hey, no blamin' here. Just stating what's translated).

The murderer is identified, and JW's family plunged into chaos by the knowledge that the culprit was someone close to them.
Joo Won was stuck in the elevator; due to the heat and toxic gases, his life hanging by the thread. He witnessed first-hand how RI's dad burnt to death right in front of his eyes, and that lead to his amnesia.

After the accident, JW's grandpa gave him the LOEL Deparment Store affairs to handle, in hopes he'll recover from the trauma.
Like that, Joo Won remembers what had happened. But the identity of the person who saves him is still a shadow to him, he can't remember his face.

Back to the present...
Ra Im begins to avoid Joo Won (hc: shakes head and mourns)
Ra Im kisses Oska right in front of Joo Won (shit this corroborates with the previous spoiler I posted).
She says, "My oppa treats me the best." (oh are we taking this route now? Thanks Writer-nim, thanks alot)

She tells Joo Won, "If you won't become Little Mermaid, then go." (hc: *headdesk* bang bang bang.) Joo Won continues to pester her, even shedding a tear.

But Ra Im treats him coldly, she doesn't want him to remember, afraid he would be hurt (huh? Sorry, but why would he get hurt because of this? Someone enlighten me please.) She does not want JW to feel guilty over her, thus she avoids him. (seriously. don't. get. it.)

The people from Dark Blood contacts her. 
RI finds out that this is due to JW's doing. Hence, she refuses the offer.
Jong Soo feels sorry for RI's lost opportunity to play the role. He arranges a car stunt scene - the one she always wanted to do - for her. And so Ra Im debuts for her first car stunt scene. The car has some defects, but she continues to soldier on.

Joo Won hears her dad's voice (don't ask), telling him to stop Ra Im from doing the car stunt. JW rushes to the shooting location, but the accident has already happened and Ra Im loses 
consciousness. The vehicle erupts into flames, and Joo Won finally remembers: he knows that RI's dad is the one who saved him. 

In an instant, he jumps into the fire and saves Ra Im, just like how her dad saved him (Again, don't ask. Beats me why there isn't a stunt crew on standby).

A few years later...(WTF is this some kind of fanfic? what kind of sadist would write this stuff?!! And why the infamous Years Later, WHY????)

Chloe Says: Okay, I just finished the last of my tissues. Excuse me while I make a paper parachute and proceed to jump off the building. Such an end seem wayyy better than to watch this train wreck of a plot enfold.

Via dc, Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans)


  1. OH MY GAWD!!

    Is the above a real spoiler or your take on it?

    Seeing the above has made me realise that RI has put JW through a lot over the series. She's the one that has been playing around with him, not the other way around. He's always been honest and upfront, RI on the other hand..

    Oh my.. I think I am going to be really dissapointed with the last 4 ep's that I may end up not watching them and just skim the recaps. Such a shame.. I hope not. *Praying to the drama Gods*

    Thanks again for all your updates Chole.

  2. my dear chloe. are the spoilers above real ?

  3. *tsk tsk* Thanks for thinking of me, yes I'm a little wacky BUT not THAT crazy to think up of this:-L

    Let's just hope this is not the work of Writer Kim's. Objectively speaking, this seems more of a story than a spoiler. So...all's good?

  4. (Happy New Year!)

    This show and storyline had so much potential. I surely hope the rest of the story will be better than that!

  5. aww boo! what a cliche-ic/cop-out of a development... i hate the "breakup for the other sake" crap... grr... and there is a 2 year time jump? they might as well throw in a birth secret.. i dunno... sec kim is really JW twin brother...

    what you source?

    is there room for two on you parachute of death/utopia?

  6. I can't believe they are going that route. I feel like the writer ran out of ideas and is giving us a bullshit ending with stupid angst.

  7. @sophie: Awww please don't use past tense. It still 'has' potential, I think :-*

    @goMeat: No you mustn't jump with me. Go watch it and tell me how it fares.

    @A: If this spoiler is true, I'll still be pissed even if it's a happy ending X(

  8. No please no.I don't want a time leap.

    Chloe can you teach me how to make a paper parachute,i don't think i will be able to stay sane and alive after all this.

  9. omo! is this for real? please please...i hope it won't end off badly. that would be a great disappointment for many!

  10. Chloe....Wow if this is what going to happen I feel RI should stay by him still. I really do not want RI and Osaka kiss scene hope it will be fake.

  11. If this happens in the drama I will throw the writer into the ocean. It's lame. I actually trust you but please, writer Kim, don't go there.

  12. OMG don't tell me writer-nim is planning to show us this , I will be more than disappointed if it's the case

  13. writer-nim, is this the best ending you can think of? Are you sure?

  14. That my dear is crazy as crazy can be.

  15. I don't believe a word of it. Seul would be pulling out Ra Im's hair while Tae Sun holds her down if they caught her kissing Oska :p

    But if it's true... then there's still hope: they're so behind with shooting these episodes so they are still being filmed as we speak, right? Can someone rally a couple of fans and stage a protest? Or get Secretary Kim to rewrite the script? The boy has a talent for drama ;))

  16. I guess RI has to leave him becuz she does not what JW to remember the painful past. I hope RI only tap Osaka on the face (I mean this will be the kiss). lol I.m sure this is not all of the story. 4 more ep to I sure they will not spoil it like this for SG fans. Thank You Chloe for this... but may I ask where you get this info from? You always update us with these spoilers. : ) thank you for your time and effort.

  17. @Josina - I suppose we could all tweet to Writer-nim to protest.

    @chloe - you are right. It still HAS potential :)

  18. Oh goodness, help us all. Okay...from whence did this spoiler come? If from a reliable source, then as someone said, there is still time to try and remedy this. Protest, at least against the "few years later" part. Secretary Kim - LOL.

  19. if the spoilers are true then this will probably happen in 17 and 18.

  20. It's from dc, the Land Of All SG Spoilers. Anyway I am skeptical of this being a real thing... one thing, it's too detailed and secondly I HATE IT. Sounds like a melo landed out of nowhere.

    If this is the work of a fanfic, BOO! Thumbs down!! You bring a bad name to all fan fic writers. b-(

  21. NO NO NO...a Big NO NO. How could this happen? Writer Kim, what have you done, I do not want this kind of ending. I am highly anticipated sthg. big and dramatic for the final 4 esp. but nothing like this. I expect sthg. will be as twisted/as good as City Hall. You must be kidding me. It does match with all the spoliers you provided in the earlier week - like the kiss between RI and Oska...Oh NO...Let's wish that Writer Kim won' go to this route...I will be very disappointed and please give us a romantic/happy ending.
    Chloe, when are you leaving? Have a save trip and talk to you in a week.

  22. what a disappointment if the story really goes like this. I don't want the kiss to happen between Ra-Im and Oska, I mean? WTH?!! why Ra-Im brings Oska into the whole thing, he still has his own unfinished problem with Seul.

    Please let this be all just a fanfic.

  23. Oh, for pete's sake! I certainly hope this is not the path SG is traveling. It is entirely ridiculous and destroys all the great things that SG has achieved so far.

    The writer should learn the adage, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" regarding JW's accident.

    BTW, all professional stunts have an emergency crew standing-by. Why would JW jump in to save RI?

    However, if that is the writer's way to trigger JW's memory, then, JW, by the act of jumping in has broken through the traumatic experience. And, thereby, can start the healing process.

    So, why does RI have to leave him? RI can't 'remind' him anymore because he already remembers. sheesh...

    If this is how SG ends, they will hear the 'scream that shook the world' from all the fans and viewers. Also, they better give back all the awards, except for the acting ones!

    I hope the actors, in the cast, have a rebellion on this ending. Do as Jang Geun Sek did and write their own ending, which will probably be better than this spoiler.

  24. WTFFFFFFFFF!!!! OMG this cannot HAPPEN... X(

    I mean SG has been great all around and now the writer wants to give us this piece of crap of solution to the conflic...its INSANE!!! We have been in pin and needles to have JW and RI to be together and now we get the damn slipt...wow really if this spoilers are true...I'm with u Chloe, I'm jumping from the clif really fast...we have 4 episodes left and instead of having our couple face their fears and demons together like any couple would do if they love each other, we get this I'm staying-away- from you-for ur own good crap!!! wow very orginal writers that all I got to say.... :((

  25. @A (the latest one): I'm surprised you're using such a mild expletive, my friend. A hundred other swearwords crossed my mind when I finished translating this piece of *bleep*

  26. to last anon post:

    I 100% agree.

    I wont be a part of the "scream that shook the world" - I'll be too busy sobbing at the loss instead.

  27. well, only 4 episodes left right? I kind of got a funny feeling at the end of episode 16. it was just too melodramatic, something which was different from the way the show was going. Ra Im getting caught in the fire and Jo Won remembering how his accident happened reminds me of Boys Over Flower's ending when Jandi falls into the pool and Gu Jun Pyo remembers who Jandi really is. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer for SG goes down that route. Actually, if Ra Im really avoids Jo Won to "protect" him from remembering, isnt' that sort of like BOF as well? As I recall, I remember Jandi saying b4 she disappeared that she wanted to protect those she loved... Yeah, it is a cliche b/c such a story plot has been used b4 on other dramas.

    I do hope however that the plot for SG is different from what's posted above, but well, with only 4 episodes left... I was thinking how this drama needed more episodes if they were going to carry on with the pace that they've been going. To get a really good developed story line, I think they need to finish at 32 episodes not 20.

  28. somehow I think after RI incident she might lose her memory. lol. I guess we will have to confirm after this drama ends

  29. @Sophie: or better yet, Twitter her husband to threaten divorce again if she goes for kdrama cliche (he's done it before).

    I just read the post above this one (I like bunnies, and Tae Ssun is a nice bonus :D ) where it says the writer has been on dc (brave woman) and has actually Twittered a response to all the insane speculation.

  30. It may not be a true spoiler. I've read this on the Chinese forums but they themselves are not sure whether it's a real spoilers or just a fan prediction of future episodes.

  31. Your Spoiler does make sense. Though it's intense , it will help raise the audience' curiosity. I think it's a smart strategy. But I do'nt like it like the rest of you guys. Do you remember the last 2 episodes of Boy over Flowers? Pissed me off, why did GJP have amnesia out of all drama? The ending was a bit let down. If this movie is like that I'd rather watch a 16-episode rather than lengthy and intense 20-ep. hehe 8-}

  32. i definitely doubt if this is true. it's like they're revealing the entire story. i'm shaking my head, because, i'm not believing it.

    [and i said i wouldn't read this spoiler!, argh!]

  33. @SYI: Believe it or not, I was actually nodding 'til...The Present. Then I un-nodded vigorously:-o

  34. thanks for translating chloe....reaching for my tissues :(( ....hope against hope writer nim will surprise us the spoiler won't come true

  35. HUH??HUH???HUH??after few years??ok..dream on...that can't be true

  36. JW is an adult he's 33 years old!!! For his sake, it is time to face whatever he's been hiding all those years and for the sake of protecting his love. The writer should show how A REAL MAN FACE HIMSELF, HIS FEARS AND HIS FUTURE!!! THIS IS WHAT A MODEL AND A MODERN MAN SHOULD DO. Remember every man has fears and he should learn to overcome this! SHOW SOMETHING LIKE A " WALLACE" OF BRAVEHEART! There is something in him that is so grand: face the enemy of his soul and show the people around him, in JW's perspective his family: MOM, OSKA, Grandpa, etc,especially Ra Im the LOVE of his life... while there is time... and He's a business man, you need to decide now. JW showed a shrewd side of a CEO genius he should show this shrewdness IN HIS LOVELIFE until the end!!! fighting!!!

  37. I'm so overwhelmed by this spoiler that i'm practically left speechless. Disappointment is all i can say :( I just finished ep 16 and was anticipating the next episode since there was no preview but after reading this, i don't want to watch the next episode anymore because i'm scared that it will cause greater disappointment. I'll have my fingers crossed that all i'm reading is false. Anyway, thanks Chloe for translating this

  38. Guys, isn't DC also the place where we heard about dr Lee would be the first to know about the body swap? The one which said that dr Lee was JW former lover? Those so-called spoilers're all just simply hoax, right?

  39. My question is, where are they getting these spoilers? From what I understand, aren't they supposed to be secret? If they are being leaked out, then I'm sure SBS will find a way to find out who and won't they be hit with a law suit? I mean these story plots are not meant to be released to get the audience continually interested.

    Also, if what the spoilers say is true, then the part where on Jejudo Ra Im's dad (in disguise) says it's his daughter's fate to be ill won't make any sense. Or is the staff of SG so tired from lack of sleep that they've forgotten about that line from Ra Im's dad?

  40. we don't know what exactly the conclusion of "after few years later" or might the writer will say after few years later having 5 children kim jo woon and gil rai im have another swap body...lol

    The writer will be taking an irritating cliche path...that is just not SG.
    Fingers crossed for them not to drag the "I-avoid-you-for-your-sake", if it MUST happen.
    And the time gap seriously feels like a fanfic, a badly written one..

  42. LOL this spoiler sounds like a bad fanfic, I dunno even I can write better so Writer Kim should be better than me (she has done a wonderful job so far, I don't know why she would resort to the cliche now). Hoping this isn't true, or I hope the past part is true but the present crap is made up.

  43. HAHA!! @Anonymous 1:10pm - "after having 5 children kim joowon and gil raim have another body swap" THAT is HILARIOUS... my imagination is leading all directions. but I think that idea being made into family comedy would be particularly entertaining.

    As for the spoilers, I'm telling myself that this whole I'm-leaving-you-for-your-sake thing is NOT true, that Writer can rewrite the ending, that it is simply a fan predicting a drama... It cannot be true. (I hate that poor me, emo, OTP separation angst route that almost every drama takes)

  44. One thing is for sure. Whether the spoiler is true or not, one things for certain is that it got ppl really talking. Look at the number of comments on this post alone.


  46. OMG! WTH happened to the story?!!!
    SG-fans in Korea must be hunting writer-nim right now just by reading the spoilers! Haha!
    I'm almost afraid that SG might have a LAME ending!
    Kdrama gods forbid that the time leap will be RI having amnesia and forgetting that JW saved her! Gosh, the horror!
    Writer-nim don't fail us! Or else we'll book the first flight to Korea and hunt you down after watching SG's finale! Haha!

  47. If this is a true spoiler, I'm really disappointed. Honestly, as much as I love this drama to bits, I've always had the worry in the back of my mind that Writer Kim would royally screw it all up with a crappy or straight-up nonsensical ending like she did with Lovers in Paris. I enjoyed this drama partially because of it's uniqueness and freshness in character relationships, I do NOT want this to become a traditional makjang/melodrama cryfest. The "Noble Idiot" got me the first few times I saw it, but now I'm SICK of it and it doesn't usually make sense in the scope of the drama. It doesn't here, either. Do these people honestly believe that Joo Won is going to live the last 50 or so years of his life not remembering, and that remembering will make him completely fall apart? Man, will I be PISSED if this is what happens. And I bet it is, too. And don't even get me started on the time jumps....
    Man, I need to go watch something funny to cool off.

  48. SIGH SIGH SIGH. I am sooo disappointed! Why the time leaps! I seriously hate that!!! ~x(

  49. Just finished watching episode 17.... :(( :(( :((

    But in a really good way, so don't worry too much about the supposed spoiler.

  50. yeah Thank god the above spoiler isn't completely true. NO TIME LEAPS